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Hillary Clinton’s failure an inspiration for all women


When you start a business or climb the corporate ladder, and things don’t turn out the way you hoped, you feel like the world is falling apart around you.

So imagine if you have MILLIONS of people watching your failure unfold on international media and social media? That’s what happened to Hillary Clinton in the recent US Presidential election.

Told she had the numbers to win (by her most trusted advisors and the media), there was never a time she had reason to think the Presidency wasn’t hers. Hillary’s loss in was a shock for millions of people but more importantly to Hillary herself.

The world had been watching through what is probably the most public build-up — and then the most public failure.

During the 18 months of campaigning non-stop, the momentum and excitement around the world by feminists everywhere was building daily. Hillary was becoming a modern feminist icon and to make President would have been the icing on the cake.

But the true power of Clinton has turned out to be her reaction to her loss.

Yes she chose not to face her supporters on the night of the US Election for whatever reason (but would you? … Exactly.) However her recent Post Election speech is what I believe will be the game changer for her brand globally.

Hillary is now just like every other woman out there in that she has failed at something (whether it was her fault or not). Her speech showed us all that she too is human, has feelings and didn’t want to face the world ever again.

We have all been there. Devastated and shattered.

Now women everywhere have the example of someone who has suffered — on an immeasurable scale — ultimate rejection and failure. But who then got back up and faced reality and is prepared to keep moving forward.

THIS is what will strengthen the brand Hillary. Not her popularity surrounding the campaign but her drive and ability to get back up and keep going.


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