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Should you hire outsourcing developers for your project?


How to make an IT project successful? The priority is the concept of development, namely whether to entrust the whole process to a third-party (an outsourcing company) or find resources to complete it within your organization.

Alas, outsourcing is not always the best solution, and sometimes it can be a mistake. So should you do it… and how to hire outsourcing developers?

#1 Assess the impact of the product on the company

Before you make the final decision, try to assess the impact of the future product on the company’s competitive advantages. Obviously, with respect to a corporate website, this influence is much less than, for example, retail or wholesale online store. If for example, e-commerce is the main business of the company, then such a website is a truly strategic resource, and you don’t need to transfer it to a third-party company.

Problems may also occur due to the low quality of work. If you get a poor website, which no one except the developers can support, most likely, you’ll have to do everything from scratch.

#2 Address only small or big projects

  • A small project can be evaluated at the stage of technical acceptance. It’s easy to describe the requirements well and test it.
  • A big project is a complex project, which includes the full implementation and training of technical specialists, the preparation of technical documentation, the delivery of work, the ability of an outsourcer to make independent decisions within the budget and the high-level goals set before it.

Medium tasks are the hardest to complete for outsourcing companies. As for the small assignments, you can involve freelancers until you have some time and budget reserves to cover the associated risks.

#3 The contractor must be highly responsible, reliable and stable

In other words, it should be a company that corresponds to the level and scope of the tasks assigned to it. No contractor can understand all the features of your infrastructure without making mistakes! That’s why the constant change of outsourcing services isn’t a good idea. Each new partner will cost you not only money and time but also joint mistakes. Sometimes it’s better to abandon small contractors in favor of one major one to reduce the number of mistakes and improve quality.

#4 All the rights must be transferred to the customer upon the completion of the project

Once the project is completed, the developed solution with all supporting materials should be transferred to your company. Note that if you want to get technical support, you should agree on it in advance.

Despite all the contradictions that may and, most likely, will arise with outsourcing companies and individual performers, the game is worth the candle. You can’t neglect the outsourcing as it’s one of the best options to save money and time. Not always it justifies itself, but it has the right to exist, no doubt! Make the final decision on the base of the level of risk and potential benefits.

Good luck in your development endeavors!

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