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Best startup businesses you can launch and run from your home


This concise guide outlines five of the best startup businesses you can easily set up from your home, and keep running it from there.

Are you looking to start a business from your own home? This is something that many people are now turning to and it is easy to see why. Running a home business brings with it so many perks, for instance, a greater work life balance and a career you are in full control of. Here are just a few of the best startup businesses for home-based operation that have the potential for great success.

Home Bakery

Do you find yourself constantly baking? Do you eagerly await a new season of ‘The Great British Bake Off’, with friends telling you would be great on the show? Well, it might be time to consider starting a baking business as this would be one of the best startup businesses you can run from your home. If you consider yourself a skilled baker then opening your own home bakery is certainly a good option, especially if you are able to cater for events, such as birthdays and weddings.

Having a high-quality and well-equipped kitchen is an important factor in this type of business succeeding, so you might want to think about investing in quality equipment and even upgrading your kitchen.


There is a high demand for professional photographers, particularly for events such as weddings and family portraits. So, if you are wanting to turn a hobby into a business and have a great eye for a winning image, setting up a photography business from home sets you up in the right direction.

You could turn the spare room into a studio or even build one in the garden, making this one of the best startup businesses for home setup. Marketing is vital to success as photography is competitive – this means that you need to build a solid portfolio and network constantly to build a client base.


If you have a certain knowledge or skill set then starting a home-based tutor business could prove to be lucrative as one of the best startup businesses in your skills area. The options are endless here, such as a music teacher, school subject tutor, IT tutor etc. You could teach your students from your own home, visit them in their own homes or even conduct online lessons.

Dog Grooming

Dog grooming businesses have exploded in popularity in recent years and can certainly be one of the best startup businesses that is easy enough to run from your home. With 25% of the UK population estimated to own a dog in 2019, a dog grooming business is sure to succeed. With the correct certifications and high standard grooming parlor, your business will be good to go.


There is always the potential for success as a hairdresser as people will always need their hair cutting, no matter what is happening in the world; lockdown showed everyone that self-haircuts were not the way forward, with queues out the door when hairdressers reopened in July.

The key to running a salon as one of the best startup businesses from home is building relationships with your clients to keep them coming back, providing a high-quality service as well as taking the time to get to know your clients will make a big difference.

Success Stories

These are just a few ideas for best startup businesses that you can operate from home but there are many others to consider. Many successful modern day companies were created out of people’s homes, such as the clever HouseMyDog business which took inspiration from the hugely successful Uber and Airbnb business model which is so common in today’s day and age.

Starting a business from your own home will put you in complete control of your life and career as well as be much more cost-effective than trying to find somewhere to open a business. There are also all kinds of businesses that you can start from home and have the potential to succeed with, the above being just a few ideas. It is important to note that you still need to maintain a professional image and work hard, but there is no reason why this will not lead to success.

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