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Home warranties are crucial for property renting via Airbnb


 This guide outlines why those earning revenue on Airbnb should ensure they have the proper home warranties in place for protection.

Owning an Airbnb has become a great way to earn passive income for many women across the U.S. In some cases, it’s become big business with women, men, and couples investing in up to a dozen Airbnb properties at a time. In all of these cases, the rental properties require insurance. But that insurance should be backed up with something else. Namely, a home warranty.  

Says Cinch Home Services, if you’re wondering what kind of failures are covered by home warranties, you can choose from many varieties of plans. In general however, the plans cover mechanical breakdowns that occur to both home (or in this case Airbnb) systems and appliances due to normal, every day wear and tear.  

In other words, whatever you would expect to have covered in your private residence should also be covered at your Airbnb. If you want to learn more about Cinch, you can check out these recent Cinch home warranty reviews 

All this said, what specific types of home warranties are available for Airbnbs? According to a recent report by Passive Airbnb, as an Airbnb host you need to constantly be aware that no matter how solid and well-maintained your property is, something will go wrong. A broke refrigerator or a leaking pipe can put a temporary and annoying stop to hosting travelers.  

If you are forced to rely on your landlord to fix these problems before you can engage in your Airbnb plans, you might have a long wait ahead of you. No one needs that kind of hassle. That’s why you’ve chosen to own your property or properties. Getting breakdown issues fixed fast should be an Airbnb owner’s number one priority.   

A home warranty could be the ultimate solution for quick fixes. They can cover an expansive range of appliances and home systems like air conditioning and heating. If there’s a breakdown, the home warranty company will immediately dispatch a repair crew. Most companies offer an emergency service option which you should choose, even if it costs an extra few dollars per month. This way, you get your broken items repaired or replaced, fast.    

Benefits of home warranties

All this said how can investing in a home warranty make you a much better Airbnb host? Here are some of the ways. 

One of the reasons for investing in home warranties is to cut down on appliance and system repair costs to the homeowner. If you are subletting your property, your subletting agreement should state clearly who is responsible for breakdowns and their repairs.  

But as a professional Airbnb host it’s an excellent idea for you to personally take every precaution possible. One good start is to make certain you’ve purchased the best systems and appliances your budget can afford. But even the best mechanical machines and systems breakdown over normal everyday wear and tear.  But your home warranty will pay for the repairs or replacements, saving you serious cash.    

Research Your Home Warranty Options 

Says Passive Airbnb, not all home warranties are created equal. There are said to exist more than 180 companies providing home warranty services in the U.S. alone at present. Because of its popularity, new home warranty companies are springing up all the time.  

Most of the companies will offer extensive coverage even for luxury appliances, depending on which plan you choose and how much you can afford to spend on a monthly basis. There are said to be hundreds of plans from which to choose. The key is finding a plan that suits your rental properties as perfectly as possible.  

As an Airbnb professional, you need to make it perfectly clear that you will be subleasing your property sometimes to new tenants on a nightly basis, when communicating with warranty companies. Be as accurate and realistic as possible when describing your situation. Most of the top home warranty companies are said to be flexible, so it should be no problem to create a tailored plan that will cover your specific situation.  

Choosing the Right Plan 

Be aware that some home warranties result in claim denials or turn out to be outright scams. That’s why doing your due diligence when it comes to researching which company you should go with is of paramount importance. Again, take a good look at the company’s reviews. Here’s what else you should look out for:    

The company’s reputation: Check the Better Business Bureau for accreditation status and the company’s rating. Also check Yelp for reviews.  

The plan contract: Take a close look at your terms and conditions. Get a good grasp of all the details especially when they apply to sub-leasing to a host.  

Coverage limits: Find out precisely what the maximum payout for the home warranty company is. Research the average payout for appliance and system repair or replacement costs.   


Being an Airbnb host can be a rewarding and lucrative business experience. Just make sure your property is protected with a very good home warranty.  

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