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How long is an MBA in Canada?


For many business women, Canada remains a preferred destination to study due to its academic excellence. Home to some esteemed universities, it offers credible degrees that come with a promise of excellent future. Further, there is ample focus on research and development which makes it a great place to study MBA.

If you are planning to make it big in the business sector then a Canadian MBA program can help you get the necessary knowledge and training. The country also offers more than one kind of management course, helping you align with your specific requirements.

MBA program details

Various Canadian universities offer MBA in different field of specialisation. The duration of this course can range from 10 months to 2 years, completely depending on the curriculum. There are three broad categories for MBA programs in Canada.

  1. Generalized MBA program

A generalised MBA program is usually taught for a period of 2 years where the core subjects of the first year are business fundamentals. In the second year, students can choose their area of specialisation.

  1. Specialised MBA program

A specialised MBA program is taught in a time span of 1 year or less. They are suited for anyone who wishes to develop their skills in a certain field. As the name suggests, these courses are specific to individual expertise and tailor-made for current business requirements.

  1. Combined MBA

A combined MBA program is taught for an extended period of 4 years and is suitable for anyone who plans to earn a master while studying another discipline like law, medicine or other.

Requirements for MBA

MBA in Canada requirements are stipulations that everyone has to fulfil if they plan to pursue this degree. Those important factors are the following:

  • Students should have a bachelor’s degree from a recognised institution which holds the same value as a Canadian bachelor’s degree
  • They should also have a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) ranging from 500 – 600
  • Certain universities also prefer if the candidates who plan to pursue an MBA program come with some work experience.
  • Canada is a multicultural community where the main language is English. This is why international applicants who are non-native speakers have to go through screening tests such as TOEFL or IELTS. There is a required score criterion that they need to meet to qualify a seat at the university.

Canada is a booming economy that offers unlimited prospects to students. One can easily find job opportunities while studying in the country and get a real insight into the world of business. The overall ambience of the place is conducive to foreigners and provides constant stimulation and inspiration in an amicable environment. The cost of living in Canada is affordable and people, in general, are very friendly. All this makes pursuing an MBA in the country a highly fulfilling experience.

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