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How to market a website


Many businesses are fully aware of the advantages that come from owning a website. It allows customers to purchase directly from the comfort of their sofa. Digital marketing is of great importance and enables deeper visibility to potential customers. This article looks over some of the best methods to include with a digital marketing strategy. Let’s begin.

Google adwords

Google’s search engine is the most popular, but it takes effort to see your site rank for top keywords. Thus, Google AdWords allows users to bid for any keyword they wish too. The real downside with Google Adwords is just how expensive it can be. Furthermore, you need to understand how it works in order to optimize a campaign. It is highly recommended to hire an expert to help kickstart your campaign. There are many introductory vouchers available allowing you to have a free spend initially to help you get started.

Video marketing

YouTube attracts a very strong following, with many binge-watching videos on a daily basis. Thus, it is a great site to garner interest from like-minded people. You’ll want to be creative and have a video produced that is engaging. For example, the video could represent interesting facts whilst subtlety introducing your product or service. You are probably aware that it is possible to have a video go viral, which can produce an avalanche of sales. Consider hiring a firm to produce the video, such as this seo company in Reading, which provides a range of services including the creation of video marketing material.

Directory submission

It is a myth that directory listings aren’t useful, because they are. Although, it is certainly true that they don’t hold the same weight as they once did. Also, Dmoz, the world’s most popular directory, closed recently, which sent shockwaves around the internet marketing world. With that said, it is important to target quality directories, such as BOTW, since poor quality directories risk been flagged up as spam – avoid those. You will find directories within your niche and locality. Often, they have a fee, so bare this in mind. Don’t fall for mass directory submission as this will only result in a negative effect – you risk Google penalising your site. Cherry pick those within your niche.

Influencer marketing

Highly popular, influencer marketing should be included in any good digital marketing strategy. Blogger outreach is one such example, which spreads the word about your brand using carefully placed content. This method allows your brand to be seen amongst readers who have an interest within your target market. This method can also see positive results within search results partly because Google’s algorithm. However, it is important to note that Google penalises websites that directly purchase links within attempt to manipulate search engine results. Influencer marketing fully complies with Google’s TOS. Simply put, influencer marketing represents a shift from ad-powered marketing to people-powered marketing.

Social media marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all apart of many people’s lives. With a large number logging in daily, it can be an easy way to interact and attract new customers. These platforms generally allow you to target ads at a specific audience, which is extremely useful – read more here. Unlike other marketing methods, you can really drill down to specifics, this is the main benefit from social media marketing. Ensure that any social media pages are kept up-to-date regularly. Again, there is a learning curve, so you might want to hire a professional, at least to begin with.

These are just five methods for consideration, all of which can be implemented into a successful digital marketing strategy. Your brand will see an increase with exposure, resulting in more customers, sales and orders. Perhaps you might share your digital marketing experience within the comments below.

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