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How to maximise team efficiency


One of the constant worries that hang over business owners’ heads is how they can save time, and make their workforce more efficient. These days, the average professional is spending more and more time in the office. However, more working hours doesn’t always mean more output. If you’re trying to make your workforce more efficient, here are some of the best ways to go about it.

Match skills with tasks

If you want to maximise employee efficiency, it’s essential that you become familiar with their skillsets and behavioural styles. For instance, creative, extroverted, big-ideas thinkers could be a huge help in pitching new concepts to clients. However, they might feel out of place if they’re given a more logical, inflexible, and detail-orientated task. Obviously, you can’t ask all of your employees to be great at everything, and expect them to deliver. Instead, before assigning certain tasks to certain employees, take the time to assess how well this person is suited to that task. If their skillset and personality seems like it would mesh better with something else, then give them that job instead. This process can take time to get used to, but once you’ve done it a few times, it will become second nature.

Embrace technology that could help

Obviously, there’s going to be some technology and software which is little more than a gimmick, or designed for convenience alone. However, there are also a range of different programs, devices, and working models, that can send efficiency at your business through the roof! One of these is letting your employees work remotely. There may be a lull in output when you’re first integrating it, but in the long run, people who are able to work from home (or wherever they have an internet connection!) tend to be noticeably more productive than those in an office environment. Do some research into the kind of tech that might help your business, and then acquire the ones that offer the most potential. If you think the initial integration will be a hassle, look into outsourced support services like Office Solutions IT. This kind of expertise can make the transition from one way of operating to another much easier to manage.

Be a better communicator

It may seem like a pretty negligible part of employee output, but you’d be surprised by how much efficiency can be impacted by the way you and other managers communicate. By making your communications more direct and concise, you’ll see an immediate improvement to the amount of work employees turn over in a given window of time. Just make sure you’re using the right tools for this. Meetings are important here and there, but if they’ve become a formality rather than a necessity, consider switching to broadcasting emails instead. Commercial social networking tools, such as Slack for example, can make your communication even smoother. Whether you like video chats or good-old walks to the employee’s office, make sure the content of all your communication is efficient, and the work in your office will follow suit!

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