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How to amp up your personal brand online and magnetise clients


Digital content is the magnet that attracts potential clients to your business.

It showcases your expertise, your authority, and a taster of what it would be like to work with you.

That’s where your personal brand comes into the equation – that secret sauce of what makes you YOU. Your personality should infuse each and every piece of your content because that is what helps you stand out online.

Content creation can seem overwhelming, especially for solopreneurs and pocket-sized business owners, but it doesn’t have to be. You can create content in a way that works for you, works for your business and (most importantly) works for your audience.

So how can you really bring your personal brand online, and use it to magnetise the right kind of client?

Start by picking the platform that resonates

The one stand-out reason that so many business owners get overwhelmed by online content is that there is so much out there. There are so many apps, so many hacks, so many tips, and so many “winning strategies”.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can create magnetising content without an MBA or an industrial strength caffeine habit, I promise.

Start by stepping back from all the noise, and picking one platform to work on. You could focus on blogging, or podcasting, or creating video – but not all three. Don’t try to perfect all forms of content – devote your time and energy to one.

Take action: trying to pick one single platform can seem overwhelming, so let’s make it easier. How do you like to consumer content? Do you like to read articles? Do you like to watch vlogs or video tutorials? Do you like to pop in your headphones and absorb info on the go? Your own personal tastes say a lot about what you should be creating, because those are the audiences that will find it easy to relate to you.

Establish what I call your power paradigm baseline

The Power Paradigm Baseline is what sets the scene for a thriving personal brand.

This is how we outline all the different elements that shape you as a person, and an entrepreneur. We could all be talking about the same topics, but nobody adds your unique flavour to the mix.

Take action: open up a clean document and note down everything you can that relates to your unique expertise, experience, approach and personality. How are you qualified to do what you do? What’s special about the way you work? Describe your weird quirks and habits. What life lessons have helped shape you?

Having a reference file filled with all of this good stuff will help you develop a content strategy that feels authentic to you and your business, and that’s what will bring your clients back for more.

Focus on what your clients want

There’s a very simple mistake that many content creators make. They create digital the things they feel like creating, rather than providing what their readers (or viewers, or listeners) want to learn.

For truly magnetic content you need to hunt down your ideal clients, and find out what they’re asking.

An incredibly easy place to start is to create a short survey and share it across social media. Using a free tool such as Typeform, you can ask your audience what they’re struggling with directly.

Another source of pure content gold is in the comment sections of your website and other websites in your niche. Take a look at the questions readers are asking, and answer in your own way.

Create a swipe file for all of your frequently asked questions, and then create a piece of content to address each of these queries.

Search for industry terms in your favourite Facebook groups and monitor the discussions. Could you offer your take on the issue?

Take action: pick one of the options listed above, and take a look at what your audience is asking for. Make a list in a clean Google doc and refer back to it next time you sit down to create content.

Infuse your content with the things you love

Your hobbies and interests are what make you such an interesting soul, and often they’re what helps create a bond with your audience.

They may already be impressed by your professional prowess, but learning about your love for stadium rock, (ok, just me then?), or your comprehensive knowledge of all things Kardashian is what will set you apart, and encourage them to engage.

This is not about going off on a tangent, and talking about your cat or your favourite book all day. This is about making subtle references that a like minded soul will pick up and think “Oh” SHe’s just like me!”.

That bond is what will turn casual readers into raving fans, and ultimately happy clients.

Take action: Brainstorm 20 – 30 things that you love. This could be anything from an actor you drooled over as a teen, your daily coffee order, or the band that brings out your inner rock chick. Think about how you can weave these quirks and nuances into your content in an organic way.

Creating consistent content, and infusing it with your special you-ness really is the only way to stand out online. No matter your goals in business (and life), this killer content is what will help you magnetise the kind of clients that are already primed to love your personal brand – and that’s where the magic happens.

About Jo Gifford

Jo Gifford is a recovering overwhelmed entrepreneur with an addiction to making things easier. Champion of working smarter and creator of the Brilliance Ignition Process, and the Killer Content Academy, she has a loyal global audience and a stellar client list of biz owners making big sales and a big difference. A widely read contributor to Huffington Post, Selz, Regus, Prowess, YFS Magazine and many more interwebz rabbit holes, she is a respected UK voice on life as a pocket-sized enterprise owner. Jo’s background – a seasoned blogger, copywriter, podcaster and graphic designer with an MA and research interest in creative thinking for small business – makes for an eclectic and colourful killer content approach. Grab free training, swipe files, tips and sanity from killercontentacademy

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