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How to be a successful entrepreneur: 7 tactics to nail it


This concise guide outlines how to be a successful entrepreneur, with the most important 7 tactics you need to succeed.

Starting your own business is like climbing a mountain with a fantastic view. Reaching the summit is challenging, but it’s well worth the effort for those who can make it work. Unfortunately, for female entrepreneurs, securing the initial investment is only the tip of the startup iceberg.

How to be a successful entrepreneur

Though we aren’t living in the 1950s anymore, women can still face different challenges than men, especially when entering male-dominated fields. Here are seven strategies for how to be a successful entrepreneur, allowing women particularly to  break the glass ceiling and thrive in business. 

Set your goals and work towards them 

The first thing you need to do in the tactics for how to be a successful entrepreneur is to set goals. Have a short-term plan consisting of daily, weekly, or monthly goals and a long-term plan encompassing your overall career and life goals. 

For better results, use the SMART principle to set goals. “SMART” stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. These are adjectives that your goals should adhere to if you want something actionable to write on your calendar. Lastly, don’t stop at gluing pictures to your vision board. Setting goals is critical, but they won’t mean anything if you don’t put in the elbow grease to achieve them. 

Remember confidence is vital for unlocking opportunities

One excellent way to stand out as an entrepreneur is by exuding confidence. Understanding the intricacies of your business or craft is a confidence booster, and your poise will inspire others to put stock in your words.

Strong women know their worth and what they have to offer. Learn to share your ideas unapologetically. When you are confident about what you do as a key strategy in how to be a successful entrepreneur, it reflects how others perceive your business, giving you many opportunities to share your thoughts and views.  

Learn to manage money

Money is the fuel in the business engine. Your investors put stock in your company expecting returns, so you must understand your cash flow. 

You may or may not be able to afford financial experts such as an accountant, but you need to have a fundamental knowledge of money management. You can talk to friends in the financial industry or take classes. Essentially, you must exercise knowledge and discipline when it comes to your business finances.

Know your audience

Every business has a target audience, regardless of how comprehensive its services are. You must understand, for how to be a successful entrepreneur, that not everyone is your target audience. Dedicate time to understand the set of people that your product or service targets and focus on them in your marketing efforts. Remember, a wide net catches nothing if its holes are too large. 

Constant self-development

Never close the book on learning how to be a successful entrepreneur. Regardless of your level of mastery, there is always somewhere you can improve. There’s a constantly rotating roster of challenges small businesses face.

Successful business owners are those that can adapt to continuous changes, and that means being the best, most educated version of yourself. Keep learning, take courses, go for seminars, and keep improving.

Always set time to reflect

Many entrepreneurs often forget to check the books and see how the business is doing. Booked appointments don’t necessarily equal success. You have to create time to monitor your goals to see how far you have come. Only then will you know what to do next in how to be a successful entrepreneur — and where to apply your problem-solving skills.

Do not compromise

In a bid to get more opportunities or make sales, do not compromise on your values and ethics in your path to how to be a successful entrepreneur. Integrity is key to maintaining a long-term business. Word spreads very quickly, and it will benefit your business greatly if people have only good things to say. Your reputation is critical, so don’t compromise on it.

How to become a successful entrepreneur: Mistakes to avoid

Here are five mistakes that you should avoid in your efforts for how to become a successful entrepreneur, especially in the start-up phase:

Don’t get lost in unimportant details

We tend not to start with something until we are almost sure that it will be a success – everything must be perfect. But I can’t really do it, at least not at the beginning. And it doesn’t have to be. Always question what you absolutely need to start up, what absolutely has to be decided, and what can wait.

Don’t give up too quickly

Success does not come overnight in how to become a successful entrepreneur. Even if things go worse than expected at the beginning, you should persevere – of course only as long as the external. (,i.e. above, all the financial circumstances) allow it and you still feel comfortable.

Don’t invest all your money

It is of no use at all if you put your last dollars into your company and in the end have a business, but no more money to rent your apartment in your account. Plan your costs thoroughly and rather generously, and then take care of sufficient financing with debt capital. You should always have a private emergency fund on the bench as one of key strategies in how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Don’t settle for what you’ve already achieved

The requirements for you and your company can change quickly. What went really well in a year is unimportant again next year. Therefore, always keep an eye on your market and be open to new ideas. On the other hand: Hard-earned successes may and should still be celebrated regularly.

Don’t be too modest

Many say that this characteristic is something typical female: modesty. Just don’t talk too much about yourself – “My idea isn’t that great.” It is! If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you have to talk about yourself and your product – loudly and with full enthusiasm.


In a world where sexism in the workplace is still an issue, the only way to stand out is by going the extra mile. Female entrepreneurs have more hurdles to jump, but success is achievable when you are intentional and consistent. You don’t have to be a hashtag girlboss to be the boss of your own destiny.

As part of your planning, you should also ask yourself how much risk and uncertainty you want to bear and can withstand. If you are not yet sure whether you really want to work permanently as a self-employed entrepreneur, you can first start a part-time job and continue to work in your usual and safe job.

With some business ideas, the franchise model is also a good alternative, as you benefit from established processes and a well-known name and at the same time are your own boss.

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