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How to find work-life balance as a working mom


Working all day at your job is exhausting enough, but then you have to go home and work as a parent for the rest of the day. Finding work-life balance as a working mom is a tricky problem, not least because of all the pressing demands on your time.

Although spending time with your children is a joy, it can also feel like a chore when you’re overworked. It may always feel like a bit of a juggling act, but you can find out how to balance your career and family life in a way that feels authentic and rewarding.

Embrace Independent Play

Contrary to what some people might say, you can still relax while with your children around. While one-on-one bonding time is important, children, especially toddlers, also benefit deeply from imaginative independent play. If you work from home or are earning your degree, you can still meet your goals while keeping your children happy.

If going back to school is something you’ve always wanted to do, consider an online degree that gives you more time at home so you can balance being a mom and student more easily. You can offset the cost of less work hours while studying through a private loan. With a low rate to pay off faster, you can finance your education without worrying too much about debt or your family’s financial security.

Take Breaks When You Need To

No matter what job you currently work at, every mom needs to take a break. If you work remotely, you can easily step away from the computer for 20 minutes to stretch, get something to eat and briefly interact with your children. For moms who work outside of the house, use your time to walk down the block and get a much-needed cup of coffee. If you’re able and your child is old enough, hop on the phone with them as you walk back to work. Remember that you are a human before anything else. Know your limits, and make sure others know them too. This prevents you from emotional suppression that ultimately causes you to snap and feel guilty later.

Share Your Responsibilities with Your Partner

Sometimes, you really need more time to focus on your job or personal needs. You don’t have to constantly be serving everyone but yourself. Talk to your significant other, and share the responsibilities of parenthood as equally as you can. Not only do you both benefit from having more time alone, but you can also come closer together as parents.

Stop Feeling Guilty

It’s common for working moms to wrestle with a nagging sense of guilt. They feel like they’ve abandoned their children to pursue their careers, but they can’t just quit working or give up on their dreams either. While being away from your kids is difficult, especially when they’re little, you don’t need to feel bad for having your own ambitions outside of motherhood.

Working hard and finding a good balance all comes back to boundaries. They will flux and flow as your family dynamics evolve. Embrace change, but stay true to your values. Recognize that family time can be just as meaningful in the evenings and on the weekends as it is for moms who stay at home all day.

What matters most is that your children know you’re there and feel close to you. Putting their well-being and happiness first will make it easier for you to work-life balance as a working mom and make the best decisions for your family.

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