How to get customers even if your business is new: 10 ideas


As a new small business owner, your main goal is going to be to ensure consumers know about you. You’ll want to make sure you’re putting yourself out there with the right strategies for how to get customers, and gaining attention from your target market right from the beginning stages.

How to get customers to your business: 10 ideas

You might be at a loss about what you should focus on first and foremost in how to get customers, and what activities or actions will help you get started attracting customers to your new small business. Continue reading to get some ideas of what you can be doing to make certain you find long-term success and people feel compelled to purchase your products or services.

Set Up in the Right Place

If you have a physical office location then you’ll want to make sure you’re in a prime and convenient spot for how to get customers. Put up some signage and make sure that people passing by see your business name and want to learn more about what you’re selling. Set up your office space so that you can invite potential clients in and can impress those who stop by to check out your workplace. Brand your space and keep it clean and tidy to show you care and can feel proud to show it off to others and visitors.

Launch A Website

Consumers are spending a lot of time online these days. They want to research potential companies and products and services before taking action or handing over any of their money. Therefore, one of the key ways for how to get customers to your new small business is by launching a website. Make sure that it includes all of the most important information including how to get in touch and contact you and that it’s functional and easy to use. Maximize SEO and create a call to action so people can find you and know what to do once they arrive on your site.

Network & Attend Events

One of the best strategies for how to get customers to your new small business is to put yourself out there and meet people in person. Network and attend events in the area and all over so the business community and potential customers get to know you and your business better. Stand out from the crowd by using metallic foil business card printing services and making sure that receivers of it don’t misplace your contact details. Hand these out wherever you go and follow up with any leads you get as you interact and introduce yourself. Have an attitude that focuses on how you can help instead of what’s in it for you.

Offer Discounts & Incentives

Another excellent way how to get customers and new business to your company is to offer discounts and incentives. People love to save money and will be more likely to check out your business if there’s a reason to come in or make a purchase. Not only have these offers in place but make sure you market and advertise them so people know about what you’re promoting. It’s a great way to get customers through your doors or on your website and to get them sharing information about your business with friends and family. If they like what you’re selling and the quality of your business and interaction with you then they’re likely to return in the future too.

Promote Your Expertise

It’s also important that you focus on promoting your expertise and get people interested in your business this way. Get started in how to get customers to your new small business by launching a blog or getting your work and knowledge published in major publications. A blog is an effective way to show your expertise and control what information you choose to put out there. Be sure to publish regularly and respond to any comments you receive. Set yourself up as the expert in your industry and community and you’ll be more likely to get people wanting to know more and curious about what you’re selling.

Sponsor Events

Sometimes you have to invest some money in how to get customers — to make some money in profits. Therefore, consider sponsoring events as a way to attract more customers to your new small business. Pick and choose events that are meaningful to you or that will help you get in front of the right people at the right time. You might not only want to give money and sponsor events but show up there physically as well so you can introduce yourself and have people put a face with a name. Be sure to sponsor events in multiple areas and locations that make the most sense for your business and what you’re selling as well.

Ask for Referrals

You might also want to consider speaking up and asking for referrals so you can attract customers to your new small business. Always have an elevator speech prepared and be ready to let others know why they should do business with you and share about your company with others. Work on gaining a customer’s loyalty and then seeing who else they think might want to do business with you. Have a system and program in place that helps you professionally and proactively solicit referrals from satisfied customers. If the people who are currently making purchases from you are happy then their friends, family, and colleagues are also likely to want to check out your company.

Build A Mailing List

Get started attracting customers to your new small business by building a mailing list you can reach out to regularly. Create your list and then make sure you target your messages accordingly based on potential, new, and past customers. Email marketing is an excellent way to get in touch with consumers and make sure they know what you’re up to and of your latest promotions and offerings. Have a plan and campaigns in place for sending out email messages so that you’re getting your point across without annoying them or causing them to delete your message before they even open it. Email is also an effective way to contact old customers again and get them thinking about returning in the near future.

Leverage Social Media

You’re missing out on a large segment of customers if you fail to engage on social media. Get in touch with and work on attracting customers to your new small business by leveraging social media and putting out relevant and timely posts and information. Choose your platforms accordingly based on what makes sense for your company and audience and then come up with a strategy that incorporates what information you’ll publish and when. Be sure to also share your blog posts on social media so you can drive traffic back to your website. You might also want to use social media as another customer service outlet if you have a lot of followers and want to be more available to your customers.

Collect Reviews & Testimonials

You should ask anyone who’s happy about doing business with you to leave a review or testimonial for your company online. It’s a great way to boost your reputation and get more people interested in your products and services. If someone sees others are having a positive experience with your business then they’ll be more likely to want to give it a try too. It’s better to have customers do the talking instead of your company always self-promoting. Many consumers go online to read reviews before getting in touch with a company so you want to make sure you have as many as possible published and that they put your business in a positive light. Respond and reply to your reviews both good and bad so that consumers see you care about providing good service and improving.

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