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How to identify ultimate events for women in business  


With so many events for women in business, it’s hard to cut through the clutter and find events that will be worthwhile for your business and valuable in exchange for your time.

These days, most female business events seem to stem around motivation and inspiration.

While these can be great to increase your mood and productivity, sometimes you need more than just the fluffy stuff. You need an event that will provide you with actionable tips and advice that can be implemented into your business.

As a business owner, what can you do to choose an event that will actually provide value for your business?

With the overwhelming influx of female business events at the moment, you should consider the following: What do you want to get out of the event? If you want to learn and be provided with insightful training, find an event that specifies the steps and actions you will be taking to gain knowledge.

Look for events that are interactive and focused on education. Remember, there is a huge difference between value and enjoyment. Keep this in mind when thinking about what you want to get out of an event.

Do you want to network? Think about whether you would like to be networking and building connections with other business owners, or if you would prefer a sit down lecture type of event. Whatever works for you!

One event that challenges the ‘typical’ female business event is the EPIC Business Branding Summit.

It’s not just about inspiring women in business.

It’s really about empowering them by giving them the knowledge and skills to take what we talk about away with them and implement it into their own businesses.

As a full day interactive conference for female entrepreneurs who want to develop their business strategy, the event provides businesswomen with insightful training, resources and the connections they need to develop, grow and take their business to the next level.

We have six amazing speakers, such as Emma Isaacs of Business Chicks, who will showcase their knowledge and provide attendees with the actions to grow and succeed in their businesses.

So if you’re a female entrepreneur or businesswoman looking to make a real impact in your business, this might just be the perfect event for you!

EPIC Business Branding Summit

Date: Thursday April 14th

Location: Carousel in Alb  

About Suzanne Chadwick

Suzanne Chadwick, founder and CEO of The Connection Exchange, is a business and brand strategist working with small business owners to develop a clearly articulated strategy and brand that helps them stand out from the crowd and take targeted action to achieve their business goals and vision. The Connection Exchange's vision is to be one of the leading education and networking groups for women in business in Australia.

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