How to look good on Zoom meetings: 7 golden rules


This guide outlines the 7 key tactics for how to look good on Zoom meetings, no matter what!

Following COVID-19, video conferencing has greatly facilitated the move from workplace to remote work for many companies. Zoom is a great substitute for face-to-face communication, but it’s still crucial to appear as professional and polished as possible, so you need to know for how to look good on zoom.

However, virtual meetings have their own set of rules that you’ll need to learn in order to look your best during these meetings. Take a few minutes before your next call to improve your setup so you can appear your best during your next Zoom conference!

Why it’s important to look good on Zoom

Looking fabulous at a video conference isn’t only about vanity (and it shouldn’t be). We’re not talking about getting dressed up and purchasing professional-grade studio lighting from Amazon when it comes to how to look good on Zoom. However, it is critical to maintaining a professional demeanor while meeting with coworkers, even if it is over a screen.

Making an effort to present oneself in a professional manner conveys a great picture to your teammates. It demonstrates that you are invested in your meetings and aren’t just going through the motions when working from home.

There are other technical elements of video calls to ponder. Poor lighting might make it difficult to see you, diminishing the meeting’s overall quality. Distractions from random noise or clutter might derail your conference and reduce your team’s productivity.

How to look good on Zoom: the 7 rules

Fortunately, looking great on Zoom doesn’t require much effort. A few easy changes might help you seem a lot more put together during video calls and keep your team on track. Here are a few things to consider.

1.   Lighting

When it comes to how to look good on Zoom, lighting is crucial. The most crucial thing is to sit with your source of light in front of you, looking in the direction you are. If the light is shining from behind you, you will be shadowed and appear as a silhouette. Side lighting will also draw attention to shadows and glares.

Natural light via a window is the most flattering. It eliminates shine, enhances shadows, and distributes evenly over your face. Natural light is nearly always preferable to artificial lighting. (Artificial light comes in a variety of color temperatures that aren’t visible to the naked eye but seem distorted on camera.) If you will not have exposure to natural light, or if you’re meeting late at night or early in the dawn, you may purchase an inexpensive clip-on light or ring light.

2.   Background

During Zoom meetings, people see more than just your face. They may also get a glimpse of your office or personal area. A dedicated office location will give you more comfort and control over how you appear on Zoom. In addition to natural lighting, the background should complement, not distract from, what you’re communicating.

A clean, neutral background will keep all attention on you when it comes to how to look good on Zoom. The wall can have paintings, plants, or books on it, but it shouldn’t be too distracting—nothing too elaborate, brilliant, or colorful that draws attention away from you. Simple accessories can also be effective. You will seem and feel more professional and concentrated if both the sound and the environment are calm.

3.   Touch Up Your Appearance

It’s tough to find the motivation to prepare for virtual lessons, so let Zoom do it for you. When you use Zoom’s “Touch up my appearance” option in how to look good on Zoom, a filter smooths your face and offers you a polished appearance.

You may make an effort in your daily routine as well. Begin with the fundamentals. Comb your hair, get a good haircut, apply makeup, and plan your outfit ahead of time. Wearing a busy plaid or patterned garment can dull the viewers’ eyes. A simple, solid hue can help bring out your greatest features. However, professionals advise against wearing shirts that are dazzling white or dark black since they seem as a “blob” on camera.

Many people in the era of virtual meetings have become more cautious about their facial features, especially double chins. Consequently, facial aesthetic procedures are on the rise thanks to Zoom. It is however prudent to seek care from an experienced surgeon.

4.   Positioning

To be honest, looking up the nose isn’t the finest angle for how to look good on Zoom! Instead, place the camera at a height where it may be aimed slightly downward at you. Consider the camera to be directly above your hairline, pointing down at your eyes. Nothing too severe, yet enough to provide you with the most attractive perspective.

While we’re on the subject of positioning, don’t get too near to the camera or you’ll wind up with a deformed face. You could also check that your camera isn’t set to a wide angle, since this has a similar impact.

5.   Camera

Speaking of cameras, the one integrated into your laptop (particularly if it’s a MacBook) is pretty much worthless. Back in 2010, that 720p camera was top of the line. It’s horribly sad right now. Get something higher quality for yourself for how to look good on Zoom, particularly if you devote a lot of time on camera. The Logitech 4K Pro Webcam, which rests on my external monitor and can be adjusted, and is one of my favorites.

6.   Remember to Smile

Many of us are usually in listening mode for the majority of most zoom meetings, and while doing so, we glance up, down, or away, which is perfectly ok. But if you have a lengthy conversation, many of us develop a monotonous bored resting face which may be unappealing.  It’s important to remember to smile — like Dale Carnegie preached — in how to look good on Zoom.

When people are taken off guard, their expressions might appear hostile and strange. Why not put something encouraging next to your camera as a cue to grin with your eyes or mouth and elevate your face, or even nod once in a while.

7.   Dress Code

Being at home is a guarantee in these odd times, which means there is greater dress code leniency for the fact that our surroundings will most certainly be informal. To some extent, this forgiveness extends to how we dress in our virtual gathering. Business casual is an excellent compromise for how to look good on Zoom meetings. You don’t want to be overly casual or very formal.

Simply have a formal blazer on hand in the same space as your virtual meeting place. If someone asks you to an unexpected meeting, all you have to do is reach out and you’re good to go. What about below the waist? Simply put on something. Anything. Please.


Everyone is self-conscious about how they appear on camera. Keeping these tips in mind will help you appear more professional on Zoom. This way, You’ll be less apprehensive when it’s your turn to speak.

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