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How to make women happy in the workplace [infographic]


What do women want?

Whatever it is you think they want, it’s changing. New Accenture research finds shifting definitions for ‘what it means to have it all’ for the majority of today’s professional women. The study found the three top qualities women want are: (1) work-life balance; (2) positive workplace relationships; and (3) job stability.


Today’s woman is more interested in flexibility than money. The research revealed the single most important factor in work-life balance was flexibility in the workplace.
By a substantial majority, women prefer a better work-life balance to a bigger pay cheque. Of those surveyed, a massive 80% said having a flexible work schedule was either very important or extremely important, and 85% said flexible work hours would reduce their stress.

Important factors

Further, 58% said work-life balance was very important,while only 45% said money was very important. In addition, just 43% said recognition was very important, 30% said advancement was very important and 29% said making a difference was very important.
So, more than five times as many women claim happiness is a more important contributor to personal success than money, which ranked 6th.


The research found 77% of women think their career has been a success, while they define success in their personal lives with different rankings: 27% defined it as having a family, 25% defined it as happiness, 18% defined it as health and 14% defined it as security/stability.


The impact of happiness at work has been measured as leading to 125% less burnout when happy working women are compared to unhappy ones, plus 46% more satisfaction with their jobs, 32% more commitment to the organisation, and 16% better overall job performance.
The summary: flexible work environments create happier workforces. To remain competitive in attracting and retainging the best and brightest talen, leading companies will find innovative ways to help their female staff develop, grow and thrive.

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