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How to systemise your business – so you can breathe!


During my 10 years in business. there was a time when I always felt completely exhausted and was chained behind my desk. I had no life. My business was running me, instead of me running it. Does this sound familiar to you?  It was happening to me because I didn’t know that you need to systemise your business for growth.

One of the most important factors we as entrepreneurs need to take in to consideration before we grow our business is; can your business cope with the extra turnover that will come as a result? The best way to ensure you receive the benefits that come along side growth is proper systemisation.

Answer the scenario below honestly to find out if your systems are set up for growth.

You’ve just won a holiday to Paris and you leave that afternoon. You return a month later without having had any contact, what would be the condition of your business?

  1. Your business is still working like a well-oiled machine.
  2. The business has completely fallen apart.

If your answer is the latter, just follow these 5 easy steps to start setting up your business for growth.

5 key steps to start systemising your business today:

Step 1 – Create a checklist of tasks

You’ll need to find out who in your business does what and when. Write down every task that is performed on a daily or weekly basis. Match everyone’s names to the tasks that they perform. If your name is against more than 80% of the tasks, then you need to start systemising!

Step 2 – Create a simple operations manual

Create an operations manual for your business – this will record exactly how your business should be operated by your staff.

Step 3 – Outsource

You’ll need to decide which are money making tasks and which are admin tasks – then you can decide which ones to outsource. You can save up to 60% when outsourcing. Plus, you can outsource just about anything.

Step 4 – Choose a CRM system

When it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) it’s important to understand all the benefits of an integrated system before making your choice. My top tips are to make use of demos, factor in the ongoing price, and evaluate their technical support and the costs of customisation. I recommend Podio.

Step 5 – Make your website a lead generation machine

Get your business online with a user friendly website. Incorporate a CRM system that allows your customers who are contacting to you be populated into a central database – not via emails! Your website’s purpose is to encourage visitors to return while also fulfilling the needs of the search engines.  One tip is to create “call to actions”. For example: offer some sort of discount or freebie for those that subscribe. Once people subscribe, you’ll see lists being built in your CRM. From here you can link email marketing.

Systemising your business is all about being able to work smarter, not harder. My life motto!
When your business is systemised, your staff will work more efficiently. Leaving you with room to breathe.
Always be working ON your business, never in it.  For more information see:  And… Happy systemising!

About Melissa Madgwick

Melissa Madgwick is a 29 year old entrepreneur based in Perth, with over 8 years in marketing, branding and design and now works passionately with entrepreneurs and start-ups. Her colleagues call her the “queen of first impressions”. Her business, Digital Graphic DesignDigital Graphic Design will position you in the marketplace correctly, so that you generate income from your brand and it will become the STANDOUT brand in your marketplace. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and reach that next level in their business success.

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