How to take over the world


If someone told you 10 years ago they were going to develop an app that would revolutionise how people without cars transport themselves across cities you’d have probably said, “What’s an app?”

If the next day you overheard a conversation of how someone else was going to change the way people book accommodation via the internet you may have replied, “The internet, huh.  Yeah, well, maybe…”

Fact is, Uber started with an idea.  Airbnb was once a fanciful concept.  Your business may have started as a conversation with friends over a bottle of wine.  It doesn’t matter how the idea popped into your head – just don’t limit your thinking to the neighbourhood or city around you.  Let the world know.

The internet has moved the goal posts and playing small town businessperson is fine if that’s what you want.  However, if your skills are transferrable across international frontiers then why wouldn’t you?

Here are a few things to think about before you head off on your journey around the globe…

Get appy

Don’t be thinking because you’re, say, a Real Estate Agent that an app is of no international value.  Instead – think big!  Sit down with an app designer and tell her you want an app designed for the Chinese market.  After all, they are the ones buying loads of Australian property and paying a premium for the privilege.  How wonderful would it be for your business if your Australian Property app was providing a service to Chinese investors in China before they ever saw a listing on

If you’re not a Real Estate Agent, transfer that thinking to what you do.

Make connections abroad

There are platforms that enable people to sell, source and trade skill sets across international boundaries.  Join.  Interact.  Do business.  Find those who are like-minded and parlez about how you are going to make it work for each other in your respective countries.  For example, Business in Heels’ new Xchange platform enables women to safely and freely interact online buying and selling services and products or trading them at a rate agreeable to both parties.  Simple.

Conduct cross cultural research

Consulates and Embassies are very helpful when it comes to setting up business opportunities for their citizens.  Make contact and seek their assistance from that perspective and let them know you are trying to establish deeper business links between the two countries based on mutual understanding and economic development.  Overcome the tyranny of distance by utilising Facetime, Zoom or Skype and chat face-to-face with your prospects.  Ask them about a marketing strategy for your offerings that may work in their country and give your local perspective on their ideas.

Stay motivated

The world has a lot of “No’s.”  Ignore them and overcome.  You’ll never know how close you came to success if you give up.  Education is the genesis of motivation.  Get smarter, sharpen your ideas and stay focussed on your outcome, not the outcomes of the nay-sayers.

It’s amazing how good things happen to those who stay positive and give it a go!

About Lisa Sweeney

Lisa Sweeney is an inspired networking professional building a business, Business in Heels, to support entrepreneurial women world-wide with resources opportunity and choice. I negotiate win-win deals for businesses looking to further their reach through our face to face events and social networks. We aim to help woman in business be successful on a global stage with equality.

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