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How use Instagram to grow your business


Instagram has quickly grown as one of the most powerful and influential social media platforms, especially from a business perspective. Now with over 500 million monthly active users, it is a visual platform that allows you to connect with potential customers and build your brand image more effectively than many of the other social media platforms out there – but gaining followers and building a successful business through Instagram doesn’t happen overnight. It takes thought, dedication and hard work.

The incredible success of Sydney Smash Cakes is evidence of how powerful Instagram is as a tool for business success. Having initially starting the business as a hobby, it was interest from friends and family on social media that turned this hobby into a business concept. Starting off on Facebook, I slowly built an audience through organic and paid posts, but it was in starting an Instagram account, that things really started to get interesting.

These are the 5 top tips on how to use Instagram to make your business a HIT!

Chase the influencers

Don’t be afraid to contact anyone that has any influence on your target market. Send them a DM through Instagram, an email or both. Sometime influencers with a huge following don’t check their DM’s. You have nothing to lose by contacting them about your product.

Send samples

Once you have made contact with the influencers, offer to send them a sample of your product. It will cost you the postage or courier charges, plus whatever your products is worth. However if the influencer is happy with the product and post it on their feed, the “advertising” you receive will be priceless

Social skills and interaction

If followers comment on your photos, always comment back to them. Followers love to know that you have “taken notice” of them and will feel a personal connection

Instagram Business

Make sure your account is on Instagram Business. This way your followers can contact you via email or whatever your choice of contact is. This platform also offers insights into your posts, what are popular times to post, which of your posts have the most “likes” etc. It is an incredibly useful tool.


Use hashtags as they will get you noticed in areas you would be noticed by just posting your photo with a caption. Google hashtags for your field and see what the most popular ones to use are and then use the most relevant to your product.

About Claudia Abrahams

Claudia Abrahams is the founder of the smash HIT dessert sensation, SYDNEY SMASH CAKES. SYDNEY SMASH CAKES give the usual (and sometimes) boring traditional cake a modern, fun and interactive twist - a chocolate piñata and cake in one, SYDNEY SMASH CAKES are a decadent, statement work of art and an explosion of sweet treats. A true entrepreneurial success story, Claudia Abrahams created her dream business in SYDNEY SMASH CAKES, and used the incredible power of social media to rapidly build her following and increase brand awareness to make her business at HIT!

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