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How women get the work life balance wrong


Women can have it all.
The committed career and the fulfilling life outside that career. So why is it not happening? Why are we still hearing so much about the struggle for work/life balance? The reason why the work life balance discussion is never off the table is because of women themselves.
Women set very high expectations for themselves based on where they should be in life or what they should be achieving — using society as the standard and not their own personal desires and goals. And then they penalise themselves when they fail to hit every single one of those goals by themselves. However their failure is not due to a lack of passion, or raw ability, but to several factors that are¬†standing in the way of women having it all.

1. Women don’t negotiate hard enough

Women are known to be poor self-promoters and also poor negotiators. Both self-promotion and hardball negotiation are skills that don’t come naturally to many women. This is a huge factor in achieving goals; including financial goals, a promotion or even negotiating a working life that suits you. Just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it can’t happen. The first step here is to know your value and worth. Then learn strategic negotiating tips then finally call bluff.

2. Women don’t delegate or set boundaries

Taking on extra projects to secure more money or to be in line for a promotion can only work if you also learn to delegate to other people within your business or workplace. Delegating isn’t losing control but rather letting go of what could be holding you back from moving up. And to delegate, you need to shun the temptation to micromanage. Show people how you want things done, and then allow them to exercise some initiative and bring suggestions to you.

3. Women don’t prioritise themselves over irrelevant activities

YOU are the most important factor in your success. But women don’t see ourselves as a ‘priority up’ but rather their family, job, friends and even community groups as more important and deserving. This needs to stop. To be efficient as possible you need to be in optimal shape and this means mentally and physically. It means saying no to activities you don’t HAVE to do and aren’t a part of your five-year plan and start scheduling time for you to workout and have time out.
Other irrelevant activities include rubbish tv or attending social events you don’t really want to attend and drinking too much. Is this truly productive? No. This not what you call work life balance.

4. Women believe their friends when they say they do it all themselves

Stop believing everything you see on social media or what other women tell you. No woman is doing it completely on their own. Some have amazing partners that share the load, some have parents helping, some have friends who are more than supportive.
Either way, don’t compare what you’re doing to what they “say” they are doing… You’ll only end up feeling like a failure. Remember that the appearance of most people’s lives on social media is curated: they show only the brightest and best.

5. Women Feel guilty for outsourcing activities

Most career and business women outsource as much as they can. This could be your accounts, your cleaning, ironing and even food prep/making. Some women even outsource their grocery shopping. There is no shame in outsourcing activities that you feel won’t add value to your goals or your family time.
List the items you hate the most and start from there. For example, purchasing meals for five days a week could say you up to 10 hours. That’s more than a full work day or even time you can spend with family or exercising! and by outsourcing, you are actually helping the economy — and often those who most need work of some sort.
Whatever your ultimate goal is in life, make sure it’s yours and not a preconceived idea based on what others are telling you via social media.

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