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The importance of getting your brand right first


For a business, branding is essential to making a memorable impact on potential clients. It can make or break a business. Branding gives clients a set expectation of what your business has to offer. It not only increases the value of a business, but it helps increase business and company morale as well.

It’s incredibly important to have a mission in mind when making your brand. It allows you to set your goals and helps you figure out what you want to accomplish and know why you do what you do. Making a mission statement will help you stay true to your brand and remain trustworthy to your clients. Taking this mission and staying true to it is essential for a brand. Taking a stance on what you believe in, being authentic, and embracing your quirks and using them to elevate your brand can lead you straight to success.

There are several things to think about when it comes to the process of branding. Your audience, your content, and your network are all key players in coming up with a brand for your business.

Think about your audience

Targeting your audience is branding 101. If you know who you want to reach out to, you’ll be able to not only reach them but make an impact on them as well. Think about your target audience when creating media lists, connecting with influencers, and attracting media attention. What outlets does your audience look at daily? What influencers do they look up to? What media channels do they use consistently?

Email lists are also essential to a brand. Who doesn’t check their email at least once a day? Commit to developing and then nurturing the relationship you have with your subscribers. The payoff will be outstanding!

Not all media attention is good media attention, but if you attract the right outlets by sticking to your values, you can get free advertising and more business.

While your collaborations with influencers should be people that you look up to and feel comfortable representing your brand, you have to also keep your audience in mind. When trying to appeal to a target group of people, it is extremely beneficial to be working with people they may already know of and look up to as well.

Think about your content

Content that is valuable has a magnetic power towards your target audience. By creating valuable content on channels that your audience uses, you’ll be able to successfully reach them. Good content is often authentic, relatable, and trustworthy. Go back to your mission statement to stay authentic to your core values and goals. Plus, if you’re authentic, you have no competition. You have no need to trade authenticity for approval. Relating to your audience is more beneficial than professionalism. Key components of creating good content include the attractiveness and graphic design of your brand, your blog, coming up with a slogan and so much more.

Everything that is produced by your brand should have a similar aesthetic. People are more likely to gravitate towards something if it is pleasing to the eye. The “package” of your brand, which includes your message, personality, and design should all be attractive.

Your blog is fuel to your brand and it serves as a great channel to share unique content with your audience. Connecting with influencers that inspire you and share similar ideals is also a key part in creating valuable content.

Your slogan should be unique and memorable. Take time to develop it. Think back to your mission statement and remember your brand, the promise you made.

Think about networking

Make connections with people fearlessly and frequently. There’s not such thing as having too many friends. Not to mention, these new friends will open doors to new opportunities. Using channels such as LinkedIn is beneficial for building strong professional connections online. You can use these connections to attract media attention, which can do wonders for your brand if you know how to position yourself to receive it.

With the right tools and headspace, making a brand for your business can be super successful. Remember to keep a positive mindset during the process. Being friendly and hospitable is key to gaining trust from your audience. Enthusiasm is also key. If you’re not going to be excited about your own brand, who else is going to be?

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