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There are no wonder tips or tricks that will work like magic for 100% of businesses. But yes, there are some ideas and actions you can take to improve business success, relatively easily. Learn who to listen to (and who not), these are the instability points in the business, choose where to focus and what to give up and how to set goals. You have a small business, it succeeds – sometimes more, sometimes less – but you feel something is missing. Maybe you even know for sure that you are missing something. You do not reach the maximum, and are not close to realizing the true and full potential of the business.

Actions to improve business success

There are no wonder tips or tricks that will work like magic for 100% of businesses. But there are some ideas and actions you can take to improve your business, relatively easily. The goal is to understand what works (and what doesn’t), where to focus your efforts, what are the weaknesses you need to work on, and what strengths you need to emphasize.

Learn who to listen to and who not

Even the people closest to us, who want our best and our success, can occasionally give poor advice. You may find their advice unhelpful. One of the important things as a business owner is to learn who to listen to and who not. Identify which people are telling us valuable things, the ones that make us think, ponder, maybe even learn something and change ourselves and the business. Stay away from people who believe that they know everything. Avoid critical people, and look for those who test, learn and most importantly – listen to you – before they give you advice or an idea. Get advice from other successful people and those who have your best interests at heart.

These are the points of instability

Stability is an important and essential thing to our lives as human beings, and business is no different. Volatile businesses, for example, where there are months of busy work and others that are deserted and empty, tend to be more difficult to operate. They wear out the entrepreneur quickly. One of the important things to improve business success is for a business owner to learn where the unstable points are and where there are rapid changes or extreme fluctuations. It is important to understand why this is happening, and make corrections that will establish the business and balance it.

Carefully choose your arena of activity

Too many business owners try to do too many things at once, especially when it comes to marketing. They advertise in the press, run Facebook pages and Instagram campaigns, set up a website with a blog that quickly becomes desolate. They may try to maintain Instagram profiles and so on – and unfortunately, in most cases it does not work. If you do not have the manpower or time needed for activity on all social networks, choose one, specialize in it, and make the most of it. If you are good at one-on-one sales, bet completely on the internet and contact direct customers. You can’t effectively do it all.

Reorganize your business

Setting an agenda, hours of work and rest, organized days and hours of operation improves the performance of the business and thus can improve business success. It also makes your daily life clearer and more orderly. Write a weekly, monthly, quarterly, even annual work plan. Plan your days in advance as much as you can. Write down internal procedures, such as contacting suppliers and customer service procedures. If you think there is no need for all this “bureaucracy” within a business of one or two people, you are wrong. In fact, in most cases, it is precisely in such small businesses that the procedures and internal organization are important for establishing and expanding the business. Do you need to use different workspaces? You could look at to see how this could be of benefit.

Set goals

When we set goals – for example the monthly income we aspire to or the number of clients we want to work with per month – this helps set the steps along the way. It puts your work into focus. By setting short-term goals along with long-term goals, you can plan our work for the coming months. You can also keep track of what is happening in our business in real time. Such action puts order and organization and improves business performance.

Focus on the important things

When you run a small business and everything is on your shoulders, it is very easy to get dragged, lost, or sink into all sorts of small and negligible tasks that take a lot of energy. They may not justify the investment. For a short period of time, keep a close eye on all the things you do in the business. Find your resource-consuming points, and find solutions to them. The important things are also focused on marketing. Marketing is an important point to consider.

How do you market your brand effectively? The first component to be examined is the target audience. If you feel that your product does not meet a real and sustainable need, you will probably not be able to market it well. In this case, you can work on improving the existing product, improving its marketing – or build a new product. If you choose to build a new product or service, be sure to do so this time in line with the strategic plan. In particular, make sure that the product meets the needs of the target audience. Make sure that the features of the product or service correspond with common complaints received from the target audience.

The second component that you should examine after the target audience, is the marketing climate. This chapter in the marketing plan deals with the description of the market situation and the competition within it. Many prefer to ignore their competitors, but you must look at your competitors honestly and as healthy competition.

Implement the strategy on the marketing channels

What happens if you have a clear strategic plan and a list of products derived from it. You must take into account the target audience and competition but the business is not selling well enough? Most businesses that have a good strategic plan and implement it systematically do not reach any difficulties. But thanks to the strategy, we can check, relatively easily, what is wrong with the business and what needs improving.

It is important for you to look at the analytics behind all campaigns so that you can get to know your audience better. All data should be collected from all possible sources. These include Google Analytics reports, reports from social networks, campaign performance, data from your invoicing system and more. Gather the information that is convenient and easy for you to obtain. You must examine whether the goals, objectives and tasks we have written in the marketing plan are indeed in sync with what you actually do. Look at all the goals and see how far you are from the economic goals you have set.

Overcoming issues

There are many ways to get a business stuck out of the mud. Start a business that has not yet risen and inject money and customers in situations of slowdown in revenue. They are all based on foresight and a tight marketing strategy. In order to be really successful, without dangerous gambling, you have to use your head. Before you get your hands dirty and jump in to develop another product and another service. Focus on your marketing strategy, and from there focus on your marketing tactics and sales. Look at the product development only out of a deep understanding of your audience and its needs. This is the most effective way to achieve business, marketing and also professional success. The profitability in the business is a result of the types of products we sell. As well as the amount of products sold, their cost and other expenses. All of these different components affect each other and all fit together into our profit model.

  • The pricing of each of the products is influenced by your marketing, your positioning, your values, the price of the competitors, and of course, the cost of the products.
  • The total cost of each product consists of its direct cost and its share in the total fixed expenses we have in the business.

The combination of the price of the product and its cost – give us the profit from every product, service or project in the business. When you want to improve the profit in the business – you must examine what changes we can make in the price of the product. Will its direct cost improve the profitability of the product? Will a cheaper product sell more and in return bring a ROI. A small change can lead to big results.

These are just some of the small things you can do to improve business success. If you implement them as much as possible, you are likely to achieve better business performance overall.


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