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Website content strategy: the 3 most important factors


If you’ve got a website, whether for business or pleasure, you’re probably looking to constantly increase your exposure. You want people to pay attention to you, you want them to learn from you if you have advice to share with the world, and you want them to interact with your content. But it’s hard for your audience and customers to feel connected to you if your website content strategy isn’t great.

So now’s your chance to improve it, and be sure to have increased user retention and interactions from the people who read your content or want to buy from you.

3 top factors in a website content strategy

Use website content strategy tips like the ones below to bring your business to the forefront of the internet, with some better content and a better schedule.

Know who can link to you

If you’re looking to maximise your growth via your website content strategy, you’re going to have to be on the lookout for people who run their own companies or websites who can link out to you. And you’re going to have to do a lot of work in order to get their attention, and produce high quality content on a regular basis.

You’re going to need plenty of niche topics that relate to your sector. And you’re going to need to know what people like you have written about before, and how you can improve on the content that’s already out there. So be sure to read around, get your ideas in place, and then have something new and unique to spin on these viewpoints – that’s when you send it out to companies and websites that have linked to content like yours before.

Get yourself a mailing list

When you have an email list on your side in your website content strategy, you’re going to be able to send out new content whenever its available directly to reader and customer inboxes. That’ll bring them straight back to your site, ready to read, comment, and share your pieces whenever they’re published. If you want people to sit up and pay attention, you’re literally going to have to be ever present on their mind, especially in the digital world. 

Have your content tailor made

As a business or website owner, there’s a good chance you’ll be too busy on occasion to update your readers and viewers with a new article or product announcement, and that’s where a Freelance Copywriter could step in for you. They’ll be able to produce regular content for you, if you need them to, and with your specifications always in mind. Why not give it a try on a single piece of content, of whatever word count you think appropriate, and see if this strategy is for you?

Why a website content strategy is important

Good content leads to greater reach

If you can offer the user authentic, comprehensive added value (through content), the chances are higher that this content will also spread. Good content is liked, commented on or distributed on common social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Your current users become so-called infuencers and multipliers for your company. Your content strategy will help you to regularly have exciting supplies in stock for your social media activities. A post with a link to the last blog article is made quickly.

Content supports branding

In addition, a good website content strategy helps you to establish yourself as a competent provider in your industry. Anyone who publishes interesting articles and provides users with exciting information and industry news builds a relationship with their target group. Users who regularly deal with your content perceive your website and your company more and more as a brand.

Content marketing leads to more sales

Content marketing ensures higher conversion rates. Good content offers your target group further, exciting information about your offer and is often convincing. Good content is particularly important for particularly complex products in order to make the advantages of the product clear to the user. You can make the decision easier for the user through suggestions and create new entry points.

Content Audit

In order to expand your website content strategy in a meaningful way, it is worthwhile to critically examine your already published content. Look at the numbers for the respective blog post in Google Analytics – what is the average length of stay compared to other pages. How high is the bounce rate in comparison? Do you distribute your content through other channels? Then the engagement values, for example for Facebook, can be excellently analyzed in the Facebook Insights.

In this way you can find out which content is particularly well received by your target group and which posts have not been very well received. On this basis, your website content strategy can be further optimized very well. What is the competition doing? What kind of content are the competitors creating, what is popular and what is less popular?

Resource planning

Creating good content takes a lot of time. It should be carefully considered how often new content should be published and who is researching and creating the content. Do you have your own editorial team or should the content be created by external parties? Plan your website content strategy accordingly, because this is the only way you will be successful in the long term.


Improving your website content strategy can improve your website tenfold. When you’ve got plenty of marketing methods in your data bank, you’re going to be in a better position than ever to increase exposure. Content marketing also promotes your website – with useful and relevant content you can increase your reach and inspire and inspire your target group and gain new customers. This creates a profitable customer relationship for you. Now’s your chance to get ahead of the game, and it starts with your content!


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