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Inspirational women: Bringing innovation to the tech industry


As seen in recent years, there has been a rise in women entrepreneurs and just women generally making a larger impact in various industries. From starting their own businesses to contributing to major fields, these inspirational women have dared to follow their dreams.

Tech industry’s most inspirational women

Women have been making strides in businesses of all varieties and most notably, the tech industry. Let’s look at some inspirational women who revolutionized the tech industry.

Sophia Amoruso and GirlBoss

Sophia Amoruso was the founder of Nasty Gal, a multi-million-dollar vintage clothing store that promoted the “#Girlboss” lifestyle, inspiring women everywhere. The company did really well until it hit bankruptcy in 2016. However, this was not a huge setback for Amoruso, who went on to found Girlboss Media, a media company in Los Angeles. Girlboss Media focuses on developing content, conferences, and other resources for career-oriented women and women entrepreneurs. And now in 2019, she’s moving into the tech industry by developing a social networking platform, also called GirlBoss. This site is for female professionals and fellow #Girlbosses.

Elsa Bernadotte and Karma

Ever wonder what happens to unsold food from grocery stores and restaurants? Well, Elsa Bernadotte wondered and created the app, Karma, that connects stores and restaurants to customers who’d like to buy unsold food at a discounted rate. Envisioning a more sustainable world and promoting eco-consciousness, Bernadotte’s company is tackling global food waste one restaurant, one grocery store at a time. She was listed in the 2018 Forbes “30 under 30” list.

Kathleen Paige Yu and Rumarocket

Kathleen Yu had a dream at 23 to create a talent management platform using artificial intelligence and machine algorithms. The purpose of this is to assist companies in finding the right people for their needs. Now, through rejections and failures, Yu has led her dream to fruition and is now heading an $8-million business. Yu is one of the top inspirational women, encouraging young women to do more and take bigger risks.

Edith Harbaugh and LaunchDarkly

Edith Harbaugh noticed issues with product development in her past jobs. This encouraged her to find solutions on her own instead of waiting for them to knock at her doorstep. And that led to the founding of LaunchDarkly, a feature-management platform for product development. LaunchDarkly gives developers control over the entire lifecycle of a product. LaunchDarkly has landed huge clients such as Microsoft, IBM, NBC Universal. The company has also received support through millions of dollars in funding.

Zoë Condliffe and She’s A Crowd

In 2018, Zoë Condliffe founded She’s A Crowd, a tech-based social movement to end gender-based violence. This movement is data-driven and uses crowdsourcing tech and data analytics to make stories by women “visible.” Stories are submitted anonymously. The data provided is used to help people and authorities realize the realities of gender inequality. The main purpose of building this database is to let people in power know when, where, how, to whom, and by who violence occurs. Condliffe wants to help governments and authorities develop better cities, spaces, policies, and processes. And through this, reduce gender-based violence. For this mission, collecting such data is the first step.

Silja Litvin and PsycApps and eQuoo

Psychologist Silja Litvin majored in clinical psychology and systemic family therapy. PsycApps came out of her Ph.D. and grew to become a mental health platform. She developed eQuoo, which works as an emotional fitness game. eQuoo teaches people the necessary psychological skills aimed at treating mental illnesses. The app boosts emotional intelligence and increases emotional resilience to improve a person’s overall psychological well-being. You can download the app easily on your smartphone, tablet, or virtual phone.

Women entrepreneurs are on the rise in various fields, the tech industry being just one of them. These stories of inspirational women not only encourage other women to pursue their dreams, but show that nothing is impossible. With the right resources and reliable support, an idea can be developed into a small business and then more. One step at a time!

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