Unmotivated? 10 Ways to inspire yourself


This guide outlines 10 clever strategies to inspire yourself during times when you are unmotivated.

The dreaded slump. We all have them. Yet somehow, the fact that a lack of motivation is something everyone must face doesn’t make it any less terrible. This is especially true when said slump can start to interfere with our daily lives, but finding your seemingly lost motivation doesn’t have to feel so daunting!

10 ways to fight being unmotivated

Here are ten unexpected ways to inspire yourself when you are unmotivated and get back to business.

Create a reward system 

Figure out what motivates you and use that to propel yourself forward when you are unmotivated. It could be a new book, a pedicure, or even a well-deserved bubble bath. Decide on a reward so you have something to look forward to, and positive motivation to get to the finish line.

Find inspiration in others 

Some days, the “look within” tactic just does not cut it when you are unmotivated. In that case, why not seek some outside motivation? Looking at other women for guidance and hearing their empowering stories about what they’ve done can spark a sense of excitement in us. Blogs, books, and even informative miniseries are a couple of great options.

Don’t quite have the time to sit down and read a book written by or about strong females? You can also multitask by listening to female-led podcasts or throwing on a documentary about a powerful woman while you’re doing things at home or on the weekend.

Start small 

Jotting down a long to-do list might feel motivating at first, but it can hurt you in the long run. When you wind up having too much on your plate, getting it all done can start to feel impossible. Instead of looking at the big picture when you are unmotivated, pick one task. Just one! Make that task your only goal, and don’t even think about starting anything else until your goal has been checked off.

From there, take that success and build on it, because there is really no way to go but up. Once you feel the achievement of your accomplishment, you will be amazed at the momentum that will follow.

Smell the roses 

Studies have shown that various scents can play a key role in things like mood and productivity. Scent is a powerful tool that helps us lock in memories and stimulate a wide variety of emotions. Floral scents like lavender and jasmine can leave you feeling both confident and relaxed. And rosemary doesn’t just have to be for cooking — you can keep a pot of it in your windowsill for a quick burst of motivation when you are unmotivated.

Peppermint is also an invigorating way to add some zing to your senses, whether it comes in the form of a tea or an essential oil. If you have the time, go for a walk through a park or neighborhood nursery to truly get the most out of your sniffer. If you’re feeling especially unmotivated, you can make the most out of your senses with a diffuser, or simply light a candle for a more subtle effect. Everyone’s nose is different, so finding the right scent for you is key.

Have fun with it

Taking your mind off of work for a while can be a fantastic way to clear your head when you are unmotivated. Trying out a new hobby, taking an art class, or even just hitting the gym are all terrific ways to do something fun and different so that you can return to the task at hand feeling refreshed and ready for anything.

Get moving 

And if you can, go be active outside when you are unmotivated. It’s no secret that exercise is great in terms of mental stimulation. Exercise has been shown to increase oxygen flow to the brain and help regulate the chemicals that affect things like mood and energy levels, and even reduce stress at work.

Any little bit helps, so even something as simple as taking a dog for a walk around the block is better than nothing. The activity can help you clear your mind and return more alert and ready to take on a challenge.

Phone a friend 

Sometimes talking about a problem can be a wonderful way to help work through it when you are unmotivated. The next time you find yourself struggling to feel motivated, call a family member or friend. They might be able to offer you some words of advice to help you get back in the right mindset.

On the other hand, talking through your problems out loud can also help you work through them yourself. By figuring out what’s really holding you back, you could be able to face it head-on and power through it.

Journal through it 

If talking about it isn’t your thing, then try jotting down a few thoughts instead when you are unmotivated. Write down your feelings or brainstorm ideas that you could use towards finding your inspiration. Just like talking about it, sometimes simply putting the thoughts out in front of you can help you truly realize what’s standing in the way of your goals. Journaling can even help improve your memory and cognitive function in the long haul.

Keep your goals realistic 

If you find yourself falling into slump after slump, ask yourself: are my goals realistic? Are they even attainable? Setting the bar too high can lead to a feeling of failure that’s not actually deserved. By trying to hit marks that just aren’t possible, you’re setting yourself up for misery. Remember that you are your biggest critic. By no means does this mean that you should aim for a low goal, but it’s okay to go easy on yourself when you are unmotivated so that you can allow yourself to hit your marks.

Take some “me” time 

While it may feel a little counterintuitive, sometimes the best way to truly get back on track is to take a break when you are unmotivated. The key is to use this time to focus on yourself. Turn off your phone, ignore the emails, and allow yourself to kick back and relax. You work hard, and you deserve it. Dedicate the time to deep thought and reflection on your goals and what you need to do to reach them. Better yet, look even deeper and reflect on yourself. This will help you find your own sense of empowerment and get back into the mindset that you know has already helped you get this far.

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