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Instagram jobs marketing: How Instagram can help you get your dream job


This guide outlines how you can target your dream career with Instagram jobs marketing strategies.

Instagram has grown way past just pretty faces and teenage fever. Instagram has managed to become one of the biggest business-friendly platforms out there. More so, it can help you get a job. And not just any job…Your dream job.

We’ll be covering all the necessary steps to make sure your job hunt is a major success. From what to look like to who to look for – we’ve got you covered! A good Instagram profile gives your name a bit more credibility. Who you are and what you choose to share about yourself online may echo through the companies you wish to work with.

“I loved what you said about the pandemic crisis on Twitter,” said one employer. This could make or break the interview. When looking for a job, an audience, or even a follower it’s very important to deal with it head-on. So…

How to use Instagram jobs marketing tactics

What is your niche for Instagram jobs marketing?

That’s right! Instagram communities and specific niches aren’t only relevant when you are a business. They are crucial Instagram jobs marketing strategies when you are looking for one as well.  Identifying your online line of work is very important when looking for a new job. Even if it’s with your fellow peers, it’s great to be in on the loop when it comes to news in your niche.

Plus, your skills, work ethic, and passion could be a great addition to the resume you’ve sent. Employers like to see the candidates in their natural Instagram habitat. It gives your background a unique and personal touch! 

The ‘content police’

Whether you are looking for a job or not – being careful about what you say online is always a good idea as one of the kwy Instagram jobs marketing strategies. You never know what corner of the internet can come to haunt you. Or your, in this context, poor choice of words.

For example, if you tend to go a bit crazy at parties – maybe it’s best to leave Instagram out of it. Give your phone to a friend if you are a drunk Story poster. Or just leave it at home altogether. You don’t need the stress that would come afterward!

The target company’s Instagram jobs intel

Before applying for any sort of job, take a look at the company’s Instagram profile. It has loads of valuable insight and information!  For example, companies tend to post pics of their employees, company parties, and everything in between. Plus, you can also check out some employees while you’re at it.

They are usually tagged, but if not – look them up on LinkedIn. They also post all sorts of work-related stuff that gives major insight. Researching the place you want to work in is super important.  Especially ever since Instagram became so big and well-known. Everybody and their momma are on the ‘gram. Even the biggest, most corporate companies out there, so this is an important one of the Instagram jobs marketing strategies. 

Your Instagram game

Having a large platform and top-notch content isn’t a necessity when it comes to looking for jobs. But newsflash, it could be important to certain employers. They also get vital insight from your profile. 

Your Instagram presence shows how dedicated you are. Everyone knows building a social media platform is no joke. It highlights your sense of strategy while showing off your creative side as well. 

All in all, it doesn’t hurt to step up your Instagram game. You never know what good could come from that in Instagram jobs marketing strategies! You can find more information on how to do it and just go for it!

Practical tips for your profile

Choose your username carefully

It all starts with the name you choose for your profile. This will be your “address”, the way you will be known. Therefore, it is ideal with the Instagram jobs marketing to avoid jokes, nicknames or puns. It’s nice to use your work last name or even add your profession. You can even try to be creative, as long as it’s in moderation.

Take proper care of your bio

Be brief, but be sure to inform about your profession, activities, successes you’ve had – and aspirations. How you put yourself can get the attention of recruiters. And that includes your profile picture. What image do you want to convey?

Build a good professional circle

If you are looking for professional opportunities, follow the profiles of the right people and companies, with regular and rich content. This is important Instagram jobs marketing, both to find out about the job market and news, and to make contacts.

You can also search for hashtags that promote subjects of your professional interest. Nowadays it is possible to follow a hashtag, and you can follow new profiles and content through it.

Use Instagram as your portfolio

Also talking about promoting your work through photos, videos and text: know that this is essential Instagram jobs marketing and, depending on the hashtag you use or the circle you set up, this content can reach the right people.

Attract the attention of those working in the field. Using the social network as a portfolio is a great way to show some of your acting skills.


The network you can make on the network can bring you benefits. Therefore, it can be interesting to interact with the profiles of professionals and companies. Like and comment on images, texts and shared information. But always try to be relevant, respectful and appropriate to the context.

Connect across other networks

Let recruiters know you across all networks. Connect your Instagram account to Facebook and LinkedIn, for example. Thus, they can make a complete assessment of your profile.

Be yourself

Understanding how Instagram works, knowing its tools, and learning good ways to behave and stand out can help you climb many steps towards your dream job. But remember that the network should be an extension of your real life . It’s no use creating a character on the internet, who won’t show up to work later. Keep it serious, without leaving aside, above all, honesty.

The takeaway on Instagram jobs marketing

Instagram has, amongst other things, become this creative online CV, if you will. People can meet their soulmate there. Become a part of a cool community. Or even land a one-in-a-million dream-job. The possibilities are endless. 

And not even attempting to try and utilize that is, well, such a missed opportunity. To say the least.

About Jessica Koncz

Jessica Koncz is the founder of Crave New Media a social media marketing and advertising agency located in Newcastle. They offer unique styles of content creation, videography and social media marketing for a portfolio of lifestyle and hospitality clients. Jessica has also created Australia’s first “Tinder for Food” app, Crave and has a following of 47,900 on the Instagram page Crave Newcastle.

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