Investment strategies for beginners: stocks vs cryptocurrency


This short guide outlines what is behind the two most currently popular investment strategies — stocks and cryptocurrency — to give beginners the background information they need.

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. That is why it is a good idea to put away some money so that if you ever find yourself in need of a sudden cash infusion, you will have the funds available. Investment is an excellent method to set money aside without having to keep it in a regular bank account for everyday expenses.

Of course, there is risk associated with all investment strategies – but they are quite often worth it.  If you are trying to put your money into something that will eventually yield a profitable return on the investment, you might be wondering where to begin. The big question for many beginners is whether stocks or cryptocurrency are the better of the two main investment strategies.

Investment strategies: stocks vs cryptocurrency

One of the most difficult challenges is determining which of the investment strategies to put your money in and whether or not your return will be nearly as amazing as you had anticipated it would be. There are, however, a variety of things to understand so your investment is a soundly informed one.

Cryptocurrency overview

Cryptocurrency is a kind of payment that may be used to exchange products and services via the internet. A number of firms have created their own currencies, which are also referred to as tokens, which may be exchanged directly for the goods or services that the company provides. Consider them in the same way that you would treat casino chips or tokens. When purchasing the product or service, you will be required to convert your local money into cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies are powered by blockchain technology, which allows them to function. Blockchain is a decentralized system that organizes and records transactions that take place across a large number of computers in a distributed network. The miners have to go through a lot of processes and get to know about concepts such as the proof of work meaning. The fact that the technology is protected is an important part of its attractiveness. 

Just like the earnings opportunities, the risks are also there: The analysts at the investment bank JP Morgen have calculated in a study that the price of Bitcoin can rise to as much as 146,000 dollars. But that’s pure theory for the time being.

What we have seen in recent years and are seeing again now is volatility: These price fluctuations are particularly dangerous for investors who do not constantly monitor the trend. You can make a lot of money or lose your entire investment in a very short time.

Stock market overview

Investing in the stock market is based on a rather straightforward notion: you are purchasing shares in one or more businesses with the hope of making a handsome profit in the future. But how do the stock markets function?

A stock market is basically a meeting place where buyers and sellers get together to exchange shares – each representing a portion of a company’s ownership. It is likely that the price of a firm will rise if it achieves significant growth in a given year and the future appears hopeful; conversely, if the company does not do well in a given financial year, the price will likely decrease.

Growing a business and ultimately increasing earnings are the ultimate goals in turning it into a financial success, and businesses provide investors the opportunity to back it up with their own money. This amounts to purchasing a small chunk of the corporation and becoming a “shareholder” in the company. If you would like, you can exchange or sell the portion of your business that you own with someone who is interested in purchasing your portion of the business.

If the company in which you are interested in investing expands, you may be able to sell your shares back for a substantial profit in the future. Alternatively, you may choose to keep your stockpiles. Keep in mind that if you have made an investment in a firm that experiences a quick decline, you may suffer a loss as well. The key to successful stock trading is to keep an eye on the market at all times in order to maximize the return on your investment. It is also very helpful to use the best websites for stock research.


A well-diversified stocksportfolio has so far outperformed any other form of investment strategies in the risk / return ratio in the long term. Profits are taken in the form of dividends, crises are sat out and with the right strategy, the potential for losses approaches zero. However, this requires some basic knowledge in the area, as well as a correct use of the trading systems. You should already be aware of what you are doing with your money; However, this applies to every investment and every speculation.

With cryptocurrencies investment strategies it is currently easy to speculate due to the volatility; However, you can also do this with thousands of other financial products, sometimes even with significantly lower risks and costs.

In the long run, stocks have always seen an increase in value. This also applies to cryptocurrencies, but the period that we can consider is too short to extrapolate into the future investment strategies with any degree of reliability. From this it follows: Cryptocurrencies are the riskier investment variant, stocks the safer one (in comparison). The chances of making large amounts of money are much higher with cryptocurrency investment strategies (as are the risks).

Even with stocks, however, you should forego risky products at the start and definitely become familiar with the stock market. This is not rocket science, but it does require a certain amount of effort and knowledge.

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