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Keeping in touch: Communication tools that every business needs to succeed


One of the most important factors of any business’ success is its communication skills. As a business owner, you may have a brilliant concept and execute it flawlessly. But if you’re unable to communicate with others about it or get your product noticed in the marketplace, you’ll fail to see sales converting into profits. Methods of communication have developed rapidly over the past decade, with dominant methods fluctuating in popularity. So how do you keep up to date with the best means of communication to use in the here and now? We have everything covered. Read on for the essential communication tools that every business should be well equipped with.

Social media

The past decade has seen the popularity of social media sites skyrocket. Previously non-existent companies have turned into multi million dollar enterprises. Think of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As most young people use social media as their main method of communication, you have to embrace these platforms and use them to your company’s advantage. Set up pages on all popular social media feeds to expose your brand to the maximum number of potential customers. You can also use these platforms to communicate with your customers, answering queries, giving out information and resolving problems.

Business phone

Ensure that your company has a business line. This should direct calls a switchboard or office, where someone can direct the call further to the relevant member of staff. Interactive automated messages work well for this, as the caller merely enters a number on their keypad to be sent in the right direction for their needs. The desktop phone has developed almost as much as cell phones over the years, so there are likely plenty of features that your business could profit from that you may not even be aware of, like business texting for example. Contact the First Qualified Shoretel Reseller for a consultation in which a professional can determine which phone features would best suit your brand and fulfill its aims. They will be able to find the most cost-effective solution to your telephone communication needs.

Smart phone

To function effectively in modern day business, a smartphone is an absolute necessity. Recent years have seen cell phones evolve in leaps and bounds. Nowadays, they hold a whole world of information in a pocket size device. You can receive and send messages, photos, pictures and can even make video calls across the world. This is great for dealing with customer queries, talking to clients who are too far to meet in person and also controlling your newly formed social media feeds.

Group messaging tools

Professional communication between you and your employees is just as essential as communication between your brand and the public. For a workplace to run smoothly and efficiently, individuals should be able to interact with one another easily. The easiest way to do this? Private and group messaging chat tools. Every employee should have contact details for all of their relevant coworkers and everyone should be able to discuss problems, briefs and ideas in a group chat with one another. Gmail offers Google Hangouts which performs this function well. So get all employs signed up.

So, if your business lacks any of these tools, it’s time to start upgrading. Being on top of current trends allows you to work more effectively, be more productive with your time and can even save you a lot of money in the long run. So make the investment.

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