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The key ingredients for trade show success


Attending trade shows is something that every business has to do in order to gain exposure. However, there’s a difference between going prepared and going with no idea about what you’re doing. The objective of a trade show visit is to network, expose your brand and gain more traction in your industry. Sadly, it’s difficult to do so without a solid plan, so this guide will go through some of the key ingredients that are required to host a successful booth.

Come prepared with data

If you’re going to wow your visitors, then you need something to show off to them. In most cases, this is going to be your product, but you can also impress them with data. Just having data is vague and boring—showing them a bunch of numbers and statistics aren’t going to do much. However, if you visualise your data with easy-to-read charts, diagrams and comparisons, then you’re going to turn more heads. This will make it easy for you to pitch ideas and show proof of what you’re saying. The data has to be factual because people won’t appreciate fake statistics, so keep that in mind when you’re preparing material to show them.

Dress and accessorize appropriately

Dress for the occasion depending on what trade show or exhibition you plan to visit. If you’re going to a convention to show off a product targeted towards children, then you might want a few mascots around. If you’re attending a formal business event, then you may want to prepare some business cards or take a look at services such as and order some accessories to go with your attire. In short, don’t come to an event wearing the wrong thing and prepare everything you need to make yourself look professional or fit in with the other booths and attendees.

Prepare competitions

The best way to draw a crowd is to host a competition or promotion. As more people come over to try your product or enter drawings, a crowd will gather and curious onlookers will approach you. Everyone likes to win prizes especially if it doesn’t involve much work, so draws and luck-based events are fantastic to get the ball rolling and lure potential customers to visit your booth. If you’re lucky, the news of your event will spread through social media and you’ll find that more and more people will come out of curiosity. With some luck, those curious visitors will leave with more knowledge of your brand and expose it to their friends and co-workers. Make sure you prepare some small gifts and tokens of appreciation for all your visitors so that no one leaves empty handed either.

As mentioned in this article by, attending trade shows is essential for your business. Growing a company is tough, so you need every small advantage you can get. That’s why you need to be serious about planning your trade show booth, and it’s why you need to be prepared the best you can be.

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