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The key to a career in property


There are lots of ways to get involved in property, whether you’re working for a company or starting your own private business venture. For those eager to get their foot in the door, here are some success tips to consider.

Know your niche

It’s worth finding a niche that suits your strengths. If you’ve got sales experience, a career as an estate agent could be just right for you. If your strength is creativity and hands-on DIY, property development could be more suited. Meanwhile, if you’ve got an attention for detail, property surveying may be more your strength. Think about what it is about property that excites you and follow this path.

Educate yourself

There’s a lot to learn about property, whether it’s the ability to value a property or a general know-how of which features a property legally needs to include. You can take courses in real estate as found at this RETS new website. Alternatively, you could take on an advisor if you’re planning to make money as a landlady or a solo property developer. You can also do some research of the industry by volunteering, sitting in on property auctions, reading books and reading online guides on aspects like property finance and property law. Property is a constantly evolving industry so it’s healthy to keep up to date with property trends and new ownership laws so that you’re always able to accommodate your clients’ needs.

Dress smart

The people buying property are making one of the most expensive purchases of their life. These people want security and credibility, which means dressing professionally to give this reassurance. Of course, if you’re a property developer, you don’t need to be wearing a formal suit whilst doing DIY work. However, when it comes to meeting clients (or indeed an employer), smart attire will help to build a positive relationship.Marie Clarie offers tips on dressing for a job in real estate.

Be confident and polite

Being confident and polite can benefit you in any profession, however it’s vital in real estate where clients will be looking for a professional attitude. Composing yourself confidently will help people to trust you when it comes to telling people information on a property. Politeness meanwhile will help people feel at ease and so is also essential for gaining trust – if you’re unfriendly, no-one will want to invest in what you’re offering as they won’t believe that you’ve got their interests in mind.

Show a personal connection to property

A personal connection and enthusiasm surrounding property will help you when getting work from an employer. Discuss your personal goals of climbing the property ladder or mention passions such as a love of interior design trends or a keen interest in property politics. Real estate is a competitive industry and enthusiasm can help you to stand out from those applying who just want another job.

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