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Killer ways women can get ahead in the workplace


It’s a man’s world; of that, there is no doubt. Still, that doesn’t mean that a woman can’t survive and even flourish in the workplace. Women never have it easy, and it won’t be easy trying to elevate above the rest of the crowd. However, it is possible as long as you have the determination and dedication to succeed. Oh, and a few of these qualities won’t go amiss.

Be prepared

Women occupy less than 10% of line positions in the corporate world and a mere 5% of the world’s largest firms. Although the stats won’t shock you, they should say something about how you need to proceed. One thing that is easy to glean from the data is that women have less experience in these jobs than men. And, a lack of experience is never good because it is a black mark. To stop the lack of experience being a problem, it is essential that women take extra measures to ensure they are viable candidates. For example, there are bachelor degrees online that are available, as well as a course in finance management and marketing and sales. Sure, it isn’t fair that women have to work harder to get to the top, but it is the culture at the moment. For that reason, you have to be prepared do the extracurricular activities too.

Communicate effectively

Let’s get one thing straight – women aren’t poor communicators. The difference between men and women talk is how men perceive the speech. For instance, when talking to one another, female colleagues will use disclaimers and tag questions. It also helps the other participant feel as if they are in a comfortable space. The guys don’t do talk this as much because they are more aggressive when they speak. So, when they hear it, they, wrongly, see it as a sign of weakness like the person isn’t sure they are correct. Men like to hear short, concise statements as this is how they converse, which is why women should knock the conversational speech on the head. In the office, it is about being confident.

Dress to impress vs misconception

Sexuality and sensuality in the workplace are something that women have to tackle on a daily basis. For some women, it is too risky to dress sensually as men see it as using their femininity to get ahead. Plus, it might not make the bosses take them seriously. Some women see it differently, as if they have the right to use their sexuality, and are happy to do so with a few caveats. There is no doubt that you should dress to impress because appearances go a long way in business. When it comes to low cut shirts and short skirts, however, it might be better to dress more conservatively. There is nothing wrong with using what you have, yet it’s important to remember one bad move can tarnish your image forever.

It’s a long road, but it is possible with the right moves. Think of it like a chess game where you always want to be one step in front, and you’ll go far.

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