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You know, running your business from home needn’t mean being alone…


In today’s climate, many entrepreneurs discover that the pros of running a business from the comfort of their own homes easily outweigh the cons. Even if it’s simply a case of establishing the brand from home before moving into a commercial building, this decision can make all the difference. One of the perceived problems, however, is that you’ll be forced into taking on the challenge alone. Thankfully, that doesn’t need to ring true.

Outside help is still available, as these simple suggestions underline.

  • Try using freelance directories to find remote freelancers. These skilled individuals can be used for one-off tasks ranging from logo or web design to writing press releases. When you lack the technical skills to complete those tasks, the help of those that have those skills will aid productivity and professionalism. Taking this route often makes the staff-related paperwork far easier to master too. Most importantly, though, their insight can often unlock greater ideas for the venture.
  • Take outsourcing to the next level by using outside companies to complete the tasks that would usually consume all of your time. Virtual services relating to customer care can keep your customers far happier while saving you time in the process. Meanwhile, letting others take care of admin and accounting tasks allows you to focus on the primary jobs at hand. Wasting your energy on those assignments could prove to disrupt all progress. This could lead to eventual failure.
  • Encourage existing clients to become your strongest marketing tool with referral schemes. The power of recommendation is still far greater than your marketing campaigns. This is because people naturally respect the opinions of friends and family more than a flashy ad. That’s not to say that you should abandon those other strategies. Nonetheless, using the current customers for leverage will send conversion rates through the roof. Besides, many of the referees will also make more purchases.
  • Connect with other small businesses, especially home-based ones. Reviving the lost art of building business relationships could be one of the best weapons in your arsenal. Working together can be mutually beneficial. This is due to reduced costs, easier audience growth, and shared knowledge. This can also include using couriers and order fulfilment. As long as those other companies aren’t direct competition, their influence can be hugely positive on various aspects of the venture.
  • Gain funding from outside sources. Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular option with new startups. However, finding a private investor can be equally beneficial. When they have money invested in the venture, they’ll naturally want it to thrive. When this support comes from a successful entrepreneur, you can essentially gain a tutor. This combination of advice, emotional support, and financial backing suddenly puts you in a far stronger position.

It’s certainly possible to achieve success from home, even when you take on the challenge alone. However, embracing the outside support in a productive manner can truly work the odds in your favour. While this still doesn’t offer any guarantees, the future of your venture will look brighter than ever.

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