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Fashion startup strategies: How to launch a fashion brand


This guide outlines several strategies for successfully launching a fashion startup in today’s market.

Creating your own fashion startup clothing brand is a massive endeavor, but it is one that can prove to be incredibly rewarding both personally and financially if done right. While it would be great if the clothing simply spoke for itself and created a buzz and massive sales all on its own, the fact is that any new clothing brand needs to create a very robust marketing campaign. And this won’t be a one-time campaign simply introducing the brand; rather it will be something you need to keep up with in the months and years ahead. It is essentially how you create brand awareness and turn it into sales.

Strategies to launch a fashion startup

So, what are some of the key features and tips that should be used in your fashion startup marketing campaign? Here are five tips that will ensure you’re able to successfully market a fashion startup clothing brand.

Be clear who your fashion startup target market is

Because there is no one clothing brand that is meant for every person of every age group and lifestyle, it’s important to figure out who your target market is. Once you identify who your clothes are meant to appeal to, you can then craft a more effective marketing campaign.

Make sure you link all marketing messages to your website

As a new fashion startup brand, the real focus will be getting the word out, creating buzz and brand awareness. What this means is that every marketing message you put out there should have the website included. You want to direct people to your site as often as possible and encourage them to find out more.

Social networks are a must

In terms of what platforms to place your fashion startup marketing messages on, social networks are an absolute must. In today’s high tech world where people are using their smartphones to do just about everything, you need to have a presence. That means creating a brand page on networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook just to name a few.

The great thing about using social networks for fashion startup marketing is that it gives you a chance to interact with people in real-time. You can post product pictures, promotions and deals, and useful tips and advice that draw people in and create interest.

Consider partnering with influencers

Influencers have also become another tool in the chest when it comes to fashion startup marketing. Influencers are those that have a strong social network following so you’ve got that built-in audience. Just make sure you are choosing influencers whose audience fits with your target market.

Post high-quality images online

If your fashion startup clothing is available through a company website online, then you also need to be sure the branding continues on the actual product pages. A brief description without high-quality images is not going to sell the product. All product listings should feature such information as the measurements/sizing information, fabric, washing instructions, and of course a number of high-quality images.

It may be wise to look for some mannequins for sale online that you can dress in your clothing for product shots. This will give a more accurate depiction of how the clothing would look on people. For a small business just starting out, you may not have the budget to hire clothing models and put together a whole photo shoot. Using a mannequin can still give you the results you’re after but at a fraction of the cost.

Build customer loyalty

In an extremely competitive scenario, retaining customers is essential to ensure the necessary revenue for fashion startup survival and development. Try to improve the quality of service , launch promotions, engage the public, present news and adopt strategies that make the consumer identify and buy again in your store. Creating conditions that arouse the delight of the customer is the best way to retain them and provoke spontaneous marketing.

Stay on top of news

Fashion companies already have an intrinsic commitment to keeping themselves well informed about news , and not just the sector. After all, something innovative coming from other cultural manifestations can be absorbed and represented as a new style or trend. Startups are totally connected to technology and need to know what’s new in the market, to stay on top of new software and equipment.

When we talk about a fashion startup, it is clear the need to always be aware of what is emerging in the technology market, as well as the main trends and production methods.

Invest in visibility for your brand

Bet on a well-made and constant promotion for your fashion startup store. Take careful photos and post on social networks used by your audience, offer other services related to fashion, make good deals and establish a connection with your buyer.

After the first purchase and the initial distrust has been overcome, it is very likely that this customer will buy again. Surprise him and see him promote his startup to his friends, increasing his sales volume.

Participate in industry fairs

The fairs in the textile sector are excellent opportunities to expand the networking, stay on top of news, publicize the brand itself and information on the trends. For those who have a fashion startup, it is worth investing to participate in these events, thus opening up opportunities for closing new business and partnerships.

These events also help to understand how the market is doing and exchange contacts with suppliers, opening the way for raw material purchases with more favorable conditions.

Focus on quality

Offer quality pieces, with good fabric and care in finishing. Most of the stores on the market are fast fashion, which tend to have low durability and modeling problems. By investing in well-made pieces, with good duration and fit, your fashion startup can stay well ahead of the competition. Before long, word of mouth marketing will start to bring more customers to your business.

Create a unique identity

A fashion startup with a strong identity manages to create a sense of recognition in its target audience, even becoming a reference when it comes to a certain style of clothing. People see themselves using the pieces and perceive them as an extension of their personality.

This identity also helps the brand stand out from the competition, using a logo and colors that are quickly associated with the brand and the proposal it brings.

Take advantage of technology

Social media is a fertile field for startups who want to start promoting their products and finding the target audience. Through targeted strategies, it is possible to find people who consume the parts you produce, carry out marketing actions and sell.

For those who still value the physical aspect, the internet can be another communication channel for a fashion startup, serving as a bridge to the store or showroom for face-to-face service.


In addition to following all these recommendations, be sure to keep track of what your competitors are doing. This monitoring can provide ideas for launches, promotions and even actions that were not successful.

Marketing a new fashion startup clothing brand is going to be a long battle and it’s important to recognize this from the get-go. You want to be sure that you stay consistent with your efforts and track your metrics so you know what is and isn’t working for the company.

With these tips, it is possible to gain a good foothold in the fashion startup market and encourage business growth. This process can take some time, but with constant work it is possible to stimulate development and establish the brand among consumers, achieving a good return.

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