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How to lead a business that supports women


Business leaders are under increasing pressure to ensure that their offices are supportive spaces for women, rather than being male-dominated (and perhaps even sexist). It’s no wonder that women and their allies are finally calling out for some kind of protection from workplace creeps, and other issues such as the gender pay gap (controversial as it may be) and no matter what your gender is as a business leader, you should be creating a positive and comfortable environment.

It’s not too difficult, but you have to get it right, and we’ve noted down some simple tips!

Cut out sexist language

Whoever is in your office — whether it is a commercial building contractor, or a member of your own team — you need to call people out if they’re using sexist language. It might seem like a small thing to make a remark about (for example, it could be a joke about women being less deserving of a space in the office) but these things can fester if they’re left unsolved. Give people strict warnings about this, and take it seriously.

Eliminate sexual harassment

Unfortunately, around 81% of women have experienced sexual harassment at some point, and sometimes it happens in the workplace. From unwelcome contact to stalking and other serious offences, this one really is something that you need to cut out. Ensure that women feel comfortable to talk to you about it, and if a guy is accused of this, you should do everything in your power to protect the woman. Make your office a creep-free zone.

Look for female leaders

The truth is that you may be discriminating against the women in your business, without even realising that you’re doing it (sexism can be pretty deeply inbuilt). When you’re looking for new leaders in your business, make sure that you look to the women first. They may be less likely to put themselves forward, and it can be difficult when the office is a bit of, well, a sausage fest. Look for female leaders, and pull them up if you can.

Say no to mansplaining

So often in business, there is an underlying feeling that when a woman is talking, it just isn’t as important as what a man has to say. Thanks, Steve, for saying everything that I just said but with a deeper tone, but is that really how this is going to go down? Women should be respected as equals in business, and undermining their opinions should be off the cards. We’re not stupid, or we wouldn’t be sitting in this office, would we?

So, if you’re looking to lead a business that supports women, and lifts them up, then make sure that you remember these simple things. Gender has nothing to do with how successful you are in a role, and hopefully we can see a day where it just doesn’t matter anymore. There are so many businesses out there making this a reality right now, so why not join them? Good luck, and smash the office patriarchy!

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