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5 Ways leaders should emphasize workplace safety


A safe work environment is a happier and less stressful place to be as an employee and a leader. No company wants to have to deal with injuries in the workplace, and they will show you this through their health and safety policies and procedures. Keeping employees safe will reduce the risk of losing valuable workers and will avoid legal costs. Many businesses believe that they are doing all they can to keep their workplace, but putting the rules in place is just the first step. The step that counts is getting people to listen and follow those rules. If you are a leader in your place of work, there here are 5 ways to emphasize workplace safety.

Set people goals

Setting goals and ensuring that they are visible to your teammates will show that you are confident as a leader. This confidence will make employees take you and the safety procedures more seriously, as they will be able to see that you know what you are talking about and what risks they are subjected to. Also, achieving these goals will put them in a position of feeling accomplished and will show you that they are paying attention to what you are telling them, which is good feedback for you.

Engage your team

Engaging your team is a highly effective way of emphasizing anything in the workplace, including safety procedures. Keeping your workforce engaged does require effort, but this will pay off. Every month (at least), you should make time for safety meetings and keep your employees up to date on the latest news in regards to safety precautions. This is the best way to engage your team and gives you an opportunity to complete a number of vital elements of a solid safety culture.

Hand out praise

Praising your employees for following health and safety guidelines is a strong motivator. Achieving a goal is one thing, but if it is not recognized, then your workforce won’t continue to comply. Handing out praise to employees that have achieved their goals and shown a good attitude should be done during your safety meetings. Showing this recognition in front of a group, preferably with applause and words from management, will magnify the praise and will push others to follow their lead.

Be a motivator

As a leader, you need to be good at motivating your team. This will encourage them to listen to you, follow your rules, and work safely and efficiently. In order to be a motivator, you should model motivation in your own behavior and build self-esteem. One of the main reasons people work hard is the payoffs they expect at the end. Praise and recognition are primary payoffs, but to truly motivate your team, you should consider rewarding them with prizes when they accomplish a goal.

Show your appreciation

Handing out praise and rewards to your team is all well and good, but showing your appreciation is often overlooked and can make a real difference. One of the main reasons people choose to leave their jobs is because they don’t feel like they are appreciated enough. Safety will provide a chance for you to show how much you appreciate them as an employee, in a significant area that is important for the safety of every teammate and the finances of the company.

Communication via group meetings is a key component to emphasizing workplace safety as a leader. Setting a firm foundation does not get you much credit – seeing results is what counts. Being a leader is not always easy, but with the right attitude and motivation, your teammates’ actions will reflect your efforts.

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