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Leadership qualities: which ones do top leaders all have?


This guide outlines the leadership qualities and approaches that all top leaders have in common.

If a business is going to be successful, it must have an excellent leader at its helm. If not, there will be no direction and no purpose, and without these things, the business cannot grow. In addition, a good leader is there to motivate employees, manage the company, and make all important decisions. So, its clear to see why a good leader is essential.

Becoming a good leader isnt something that will happen overnight. You will need to work hard at it and look out for ways and opportunities to improve your own work at all times. Its also a good idea to look at how other business leaders work and what they do that you can emulate.

The most effective leadership qualities

Discovering the leadership qualities that the most effective leaders have in common and then following in their footsteps will always offer a positive outcome when you do it with the right tools and with a solid understanding of why you are doing what youre doing. 

Listening To Your Team

A good business leader will know that without their team, they can not do their job. Its impossible to be a leader when there is no one to lead or when the team you need to lead isnt interested in listening to what you have to say. Its crucial to understand that it takes many people to launch, run, and grow a successful business, and unless a leader is aware of this and accepts it as one of their leadership qualities, they will never reach the heights they are looking for.

Therefore, as a business leader, it is vitally important to listen to what your team has to say. They will have their own ideas, opinions, and thoughts on your business, how its run, and any improvements that might be made, and it is only byacknowledging this feedback and determining whether it is something that needs to be acted on that you can make the necessary changes in your business that will take you to the next level.

However, it is only when you are someone your team is comfortable with that, they will feel they can make these suggestions or voice any objections. It sounds as though you are in an impossible situation in which you need to be a good leader to get the help that is vital to being a good leader, but it can be done. Make sure you are open and honest as crucial leadership qualities, that you can show your team you are doing things for their benefit, and that you tell them you want to hear ideas. As time goes on, this is what will start to happen. The key is to make sure you implement the ideas that make sense and address any issues to ensure everyone is happy in their work.

Never Stop Learning

If you want to stay at the cutting edge of progressive business techniques, you must take every opportunity to continue to educate yourself as one of your key leadership qualities. This might be something specific such as taking a degree subject and looking for masters in public policy jobs to enhance your understanding, or it could be learning more about yourself and how you lead, perhaps by going to therapy, for example. Learning comes in so many different forms that you can essentially choose the path thatsright for you and choose how far you want to take things too. As long as it is going to benefit you and your business, then it is worth considering.

The more you know, the more youll realize there is so much still to learn. This is a humbling experience, but its something that is crucial if you want to be a good leader. The best leaders are those who acknowledge they dont know everything and, as weve mentioned above, they are willing to get the help they need in the form of feedback or other methods.

Keep learning, and your confidence will rise, your knowledge will increase, and youll gain a much better insight into how business works and, specifically, how you work within it. All of these things add together to make an excellent leader, especially since youll be able to help your team educate themselves as well since you know just how important it is to do so.

Network Effectively

Do you enjoy networking? Some people have a natural affinity with it, and they are happy to go to meetings, networking events, or use networking websites to meet new people and speak to them about their business. On the other hand, some are much less keen on the idea. However, no matter what you think of networking, there is no denying that its an excellent way to show your leadership qualities and skills and to boost your business profile.

When you network, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn from business professionals who are leaders in their own right. You can see directly how they work and what they do, and you can follow in their footsteps by implementing some of the same measures in your own business.

Networking isnt just about meeting people who can specifically help you with whatever business goals you might have (although that can be an important part of it, of course); its also about learning as much as possible in a more general sense. As we’ve said, good leadership qualities include learning, and networking offers the ideal opportunity to get right to the heart of the matter and understand so much more about leadership. It might even be that you can speak directly to those you admire most and get direct feedback on what you should be doing.

Find A Mentor

If you already own and run your own business, you might not realize that having a mentor can give you an excellent advantage over your competition and ensure that you improve your leadership qualities. Most of the best leaders in the world will have had a mentor at some point, or at least someone they looked up to and from whom they learned so much. So why dont you do the same?

Having a mentor means that you will always have someone to turn to if you are struggling with any aspect of your business, and that kind of safety net is something that can help you become a better leader in itself. Not only will you get the knowledge and suggestions from your mentor regarding leadership qualities, but youll also have more opportunities to take risks and do things in a way that suits you because you know you have them to fall back on for advice; youre not alone.

Evaluate Yourself

If you want to improve your leadership qualities, then you must do what other effective leaders do, and one of these things is to evaluate yourself regularly. Evaluating yourself means understand what your strengths and weaknesses are and looking more closely into the things you find easy and the things you find more difficult. Knowing what you can and cant do and taking measures to improve yourself and your business is crucial, and it will show that you are taking your leadership role seriously.

If you dont evaluate yourself and if youre not honest when you do evaluate your leadership qualities, it will be hard for you to get any further ahead, and it will be hard for you to lead effectively. Any team needs to know that their leader understands how they feel and what they need, and if they are under the impression that their manager feels they are perfect and cant be told anything or wont admit to mistakes and so on, they wont be comfortable following instructions or doing whatever it is that the leader asks of them as they simply wont have the right level of confidence to do so.

Set Yourself Challenging But Realistic Goals

Goals are something that everyone, whether a leader or a follower, can benefit from, whether a business owner or an employee. When it comes to showing you have leadership qualities, having the right kinds of goals can be hugely positive.

To begin with, if you want your employees to reach for the goals you give them, you should be willing to do the same thing. A good leader will show their team that they are working in the same way as they expect the team to work, ensuring that instructions are more likely to be followed. Therefore, setting yourself realistic goals, but equally, goals that will challenge you, and doing the same for your team, is a great way to prove you are on their wavelength and help them feel more comfortable doing as you ask.

Equally, having these challenging goals is something that will help you become a better business leader in general. Youll learn more about yourself and your business, and youll get much further ahead.

Choose The Right Leadership Style

There are many different types of leadership qualities and finding the right leadership style for you is something youll want and need to do right at the start of your leadership journey. The best way to find a leadership style is to think about your personality and choose one that matches your own preferences. If you find that you have chosen or fallen into a leadership style that you dont like and  leadership qualities that make you – and potentially others – uncomfortable, you will create a bad atmosphere, and your business wont grow. No one will enjoy working there, including you.

Find out as much as possible about the different styles of leadership qualities you can employ and see what suits you the most. Some of the styles include:


There are others as well and looking into each one and seeing which matches up to your own personality traits is the best place to start. However, unless you have the right leadership qualities in place, you wont get very far.


When you have a natural curiosity about the world, and specifically about the sector you are working in, you will be able to lead much more easily. Because youll be keen to find out as much as possible about your work and how far you can take your business, and because youll constantly be searching out ways to improve, this curiosity will help your team feel more curious as well. Theyll be ready for you to ask questions and either provide the answers or know that youre happy for them to discover more.

Being curious is an excellent one of the leadership qualities for any business owner and certainly for any leader. A curious person will have a thirst for knowledge and a positive way of thinking about even bigger mistakes. This all culminates in a better working environment and happier staff who like their leader and understand what it is they want.

Excellent Communication

Its impossible for anyone to do well in business without a good level of communication as one of the prime leadership qualities. You need to be able to talk to many different people and explain your ideas clearly and concisely if you stand any chance of having people carry outyour instructions in the right way and of having them do so without any kind of negative thoughts.

Not only do you need to offer clear instructions if you want to be a good leader, but you also need to be able to negotiate, persuade, and show that you are a caring person, all through your communication leadership qualities. This means being able to be empathetic, for example, and to listen to what people need to say, as well as talking to them and with them.


Being well organized is sure to help you be an effective leader, and its one of the the majority of – if not all – good leaders will pride themselves on. When you are organized, you can ensure you meet deadlines and reach targets, and when you are able to do this, your team will want to do it too. There is no point in telling your team you want them to hit certain targets if you are unable to do so yourself. By being as organized as possible, you will be much more likely to do what you set out to do and therefore offer a good positive role model to your team.

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