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Advantages of using linear actuators in your workspace


The workspace in any organization large or small takes center stage determining whether you’re going to succeed. You, being the boss are tasked with providing a conducive environment for your employees. Your staff determines your level of success. If you make your staff success, they in return will make you successful. Success is a double-edged katana.

Every business model’slong-term goal is continued growth and massive Return On Interest. That means your expenses should be kept a minimal in order for you to make a substantial amount of profit.

So how do you go about improving the working atmosphere and efficiency in your place of work?  You implement the use of linear actuators. They are small electro-mechanical devices with lifting/pushing/pulling abilities. It provides ‘an extra set of muscles.’

Actuators fit in just about any business setting whether you’re into manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, equipment and vehicle service and the list goes on and on.

The benefits of linear actuators in your business

There are quite a number of equipment and systems that you can install linear actuators in your work setting. By doing this you not only get enhanced functionality but also flexibility.Below are some of the benefits actuators bring to your workspace.

Rise in productivity

Jobs that take hours or days to complete take minutes. This is because the processes are automated meaning there are little chance delays can occur. Your employees’ physical working strength is replaced by the power of motors. For example, if you own a dog grooming business, actuators implementation is on the table lift. Your staff won’t need to carry large dogs onto the table for grooming. The dog steps onto the table’s surface and it’s propelled upwards either by a hand or foot pedals. What does this mean? You get more work done faster and conveniently.

Improve staff overall health

Healthy employees drive the company forward towards success. The last thing you need is staff absenteeism. Absenteeism causes include overworking and uncomfortable workstation. For your staff sitting all day, a sit-and-stand and/or an exercise desk works for them. The sit-stand desk ensures your staff remains attentive all day long while changing positions from standing to sitting. This ensures continuous blood flow and increased concentrations. The exercise desk has a treadmill or cycle underneath. It can substitute your employees’ gym membership costs as they workout while working.It’s an excellent way to keep your employees in shape.

Increases security

A business owner’s nightmare is ensuring their premises are secure. Actuators step in providing additional security in the form of door locks and openers.Take for example a keycard implementation granting access to the working area for staff only. This keeps out intruders and reduces the chance of break-ins in your premises. In addition, its installation suits any business model whether small or large.

Trauma prevention

Accidents occur in any workplace setting regardless of safety measures in place. One of your employees may try lifting a heavy load from the ground and suffer a herniated disk. Accidents resultin injuries to your staff meaning loads of downtime costing you hefty amounts of your precious monies. Table lifts ensure heavy equipment loading and/or offloaded and transportingtasks are carried efficiently.

Increases overall wellbeing and mood

According to research recently carried out, workplace temperature affects mood. A cold environment paves way for sadness and loneliness while a hot environment affects concentration levels. Some might argue that your ac does the job fine, it doesn’t. A window opener operated using an actuator provides your workplace environment with natural ventilation. With your staffs’ mood uplifted, you can expect increased production rates.

Why consider linear actuators use in your workplace?

Linear actuators and workplace automation is the innovative technology making life easier. Actuators require little to no maintenance during their entire life cycle saving your hard money on repairs, they are reliable and flexible, and environmentally friendly.

With technology advancing at the speed of light, you need to stay up-to-date with what’s shaping your industry. Improving your workplace environment plays an important role in the success of your business. As Conrad Hilton put it, “Success and action seem to go hand-in-hand. A successful person is always on the move. He/she continues making mistakes but never gives up.”

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