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LinkedIn networking: how — and why — you should do it


This guide outlines the best strategies for LinkedIn networking, and why it’s important.

Changing jobs and career paths is never easy. People face various obstacles on the way to success in their career field, from the inability to create an attractive job application to the necessity to bypass resume-scanning software to not knowing how to impress a hiring manager. 

LinkedIn networking: overview

That is why job seekers try using everything they can to land a job. They can hire a professional high-ranking resume editing service, buy a bot-beating resume, or consult a career advice expert. Still, LinkedIn networking is one of the best solutions for finding future jobs. That is why LinkedIn is so popular among applicants.

Sadly, many see the platform as a tool for sending resumes and nothing more. But LinkedIn is not just a job search engine. Individuals who use this LinkedIn networking right increase the chances of finding the next dream job.

The LinkedIn networking platform has over 800 million employees and recruiters. It is one of the greatest websites to find and connect with professionals in a particular career field. So, why exactly should you take the time for LinkedIn networking?

Why do LinkedIn networking?

Having a community of professionals on this platform is beneficial. They allow individuals to easily find new jobs in their career field. Statistics for applicants with similar work experience, education, and training speak for themselves.

  1. If you have at least a dozen connections from other companies, finding a new job is 22.9% faster.
  2. When you join at least one group on LinkedIn, there is an 8.6% chance of successfully applying for a new position.
  3. Following at least 5 organizations on the platform gives job seekers a 7.1% chance of finding a new place of employment.

LinkedIn networking strategies

As you can see, completing at least one of these items makes job searching a lot easier. But which practical LinkedIn networking steps should you take to succeed? Let’s explore them one by one.

Find Connections Everywhere

Oddly enough, looking for LinkedIn connections may prove more fruitful offline. Job seekers can start by adding their profile information to business cards. That way, it will be easier for employers and recruiter firms to find you.

As for online LinkedIn networking, it’s a good idea to invite people via email. Don’t use template invites to connect with hundreds of workers. Anyone who has used LinkedIn for a while knows that it’s not you who wrote them, hence you are not interested in them in particular. Instead, create a personalized invitation for each recruiter and colleague you are interested in. The extra minutes you spend on emails will make a great impact.

Expand your reach by adding a LinkedIn profile link to email signatures, business directories, and, what’s most important, to your resume. It’s a perfect opportunity to separate the list of your skills and especially important positions from your whole job history. 

One can make their account available for connection from all LinkedIn users. Those who choose this option should investigate people who reach out to them. Perhaps, they will not be beneficial in furthering the career.

Post Interesting Content

Don’t let others post all the content in your feed. Take the time to find engaging materials and share them with the network. Recruiters and colleagues will have more professional respect for you since they will see that you also explore new things yourself, do not just pile up your feed with tons of material you will probably not read. 

Start out with this LinkedIn networking tactic by looking for and sharing interesting articles. It’s a good way to keep your circle engaged. If you have spare time, try to do some of your own writing. By posting articles on Linkedin, you are going to achieve two things:

  • sharing your experience with connected professionals;
  • advertising yourself to other users.

Use social media marketing tools like hashtags when publishing materials to reach a bigger LinkedIn networking audience. This will attract individuals who share your passions. They may even add you as a connection. Being an active part of the community gains the attention of recruiters and professionals. A comment section under articles is also a good place for making connections.

Sharing and writing articles is important for LinkedIn networking. But a user must also publish engaging content. These posts have an almost 70% chance of having a like or comment left by users. Users are also advised to diversify content. Try posting videos, photos, charts, and other things. A wall of text or only funny pictures stop catching the attention of your network members after some time.

Work With Groups

Joining LinkedIn groups is a good way of expanding one’s LinkedIn networking. Job seekers should look for communities based on their key skills and target audiences. They will be able to chat with all their members. Besides, you can search through the group to find professionals who can be added to the network.

There is no need to join every group you can. One or two will be enough. Make sure to be active in them at least once a day. Take time to get acquainted with the members and find some to add to your network. Group organizers are a great way of finding like-minded individuals.

Another good way of building professional LinkedIn networking is creating your own groups. Any LinkedIn account owner can do this. Groups can be used for website promotion with the help of RSS feeds. Those who wish to join will ask to connect with you. This strategy is more suitable for experienced users with the time and patience to run these groups.

Use Advanced Search

Another way to expand LinkedIn networking is to use an advanced search to find the right candidates. This approach allows looking for specialists based on such parameters as

  • company;
  • industry;
  • location.

This feature ensures that your LinkedIn networking will consist of only the right people.


As you can see, anybody can take these LinkedIn networking steps. All it takes is persistence, creativity, and individuality. Keep practicing and finding the right connections. Your LinkedIn community will expand in a blink of an eye.

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