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The Lionfish effect: how your business can look bigger to get more business


It’s a sad reality, but appearances matter. In the world of business, the smaller company (or dare we say it, the home business) is at a disadvantage. If people can see how small you are, they’re less likely to trust you with their business. It carries connotations of professionalism or ability that just aren’t true in many cases. Instead of convincing them, however, how about you fit their expectations?

Time to put on the oversized suit that is a big business presence. Just like the lionfish — a small fish whose extended fins and spines make it look  larger than it is — you can employ strategies to give your business a larger impact.

First impressions

When you meet in real life, be careful how you set it up. If you’re working from home or a tiny office, it’s best to travel out to meet them. It also does a good as showing that you’ll take ‘the extra step’ for your customer. Another trick is to not put any huge titles on your business card. Make sure you and your card look professional. Then use different cards with different titles depending on the role you’re playing. Instead of ‘president’, be the ‘sales liaison’.

The signifiers of prestige

The business card is only the start. Email doesn’t need much work, but when someone tries to get in contact with you otherwise, how will they do it? Posting to your home address? Ringing a phone you pick up immediately? Or could you use signifiers like those offered by and similar businesses? Could a proper business address and phone system help you get the image that will really do it for you?

Socialising is queen

If you want the mien of a big business, you need to have the presence, somehow. In real life, it’s hard to look a lot bigger than you are. Online, it’s significantly easier. It’s all about filling up the different social needs of an online business. Social media accounts, content marketing, these all contribute to your presence.

The impact of the brand

Another way to look like a much bigger fish is to swim in a small pond. We’re not talking about curbing your market ambitions, but finding your niche. The best brands have a huge impact because they offer something other businesses don’t. If you have few competitors vying for your market, it’s a lot easier to seem like the biggest name in the business. Look at sources like for an idea how to create your unique appeal.

Handcrafting your rep

As we’ve said, online is one of the easiest ways to make a real presence. One of the methods you can use to build a reputation alongside it is in search engine optimisation. Network and build links to your website. Use the most relevant keywords. These kinds of methods will make you appear higher on search engines. Which means a lot more customers will trust your site and presence as one of the most reliable options for their needs.

Whether you’re dealing with them in real life or in the world of the online, you can be the pufferfish and seem a lot bigger than you are. From there, it’s all about proving you have the capabilities to fit their expectations.

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