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Live feed videos: The magic business success ingredient


If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen the live video trend pop up over the last couple of years. What you may not realise is that live videos are the magic ingredient your business needs. Social media is a powerful marketing tool and live feed videos are the cherry on top. In a world where consumers want to know you and not just your products, live feed videos are the perfect solution. Bring some virtual face-to-face action into your social media feed by embracing the magic of live videos. Here are five reasons that your business and your clients need live videos.

1. You are your brand

Your clients want to get to know you, not just what you’re selling. Your real life is just as much a part of your brand as your products or your logo. Live videos are a fantastic way of giving your clients a window into your life. Whether you choose to do action vlog style videos or sit down Q&As, your audiences gets a chance to see you and your life, up close and personal.

2. Real time interaction

With so much of our business being conducted online these days, we miss out on those face to face interactions. Pre-recorded videos can only do so much. However, live feed videos are almost as good as being able to sit down with your clients. The real time aspect of live videos makes the interaction feel more substantial and allows you to have a real conversation with your audience.

3. Long form

Social media allows great short form content. Photos and statuses are effective at communicating bite-sized pieces of information. But, social media doesn’t usually lend itself to long form content – until the live feed video was born! Live videos attract sustained audiences and can be over an hour long. This allows you to communicate large amounts of information and take your time sharing your brand and your personality.

4. Exposure

Audiences are so enamoured with live feed videos that they will spend 3x longer watching them compared to pre-recorded video. There is something tangible and personal about live feed videos – and your clients love it! This means that you have access to large audiences for sustained periods of time. Talk about exposure!

5. Show your personality

Live feed videos are casual and flexible in their structure. Take the chance to show your personality! If you’re funny, tell some great one-liners. If you’re passionate, move people with your words. Whoever you are, whatever you do, live feed videos are a unique way of showing the world.



Live feed videos are not only smart for your business, they are essential for your clients. Your clients crave genuine interaction. They want to get to know you. Give them the chance through utilising live feed videos effectively. Your clients (and your cashflow!) will thank you. Embrace your personality and remember that you are your brand. Then, grab a camera or your phone and get streaming! Trust me, it really is the magic ingredient you’ve been looking for.

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Bo Kitty has helped over 400 business owners with a reality check. Bo is a fearless leader and a business development expert. She has also handed out free reality checks at the Burning Man festival and dived the Blue Hole in Belize, after overcoming her fears with water. Visit her website at

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