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How to live a wealthy life, even if you start with nothing


Starting with nothing means you have infinite choice. You can choose to keep having nothing (or next to nothing), or you can choose to have everything that makes you wealthy. Before you tell yourself that everyone *except you* has these choices, know this. I grew up in extreme poverty and yet, by my late twenties was a multi-millionaire. And no, I didn’t win the lottery!

My first choice was that I would not stay poor. As a teenager, I defined wealth as having a nice house, car and clothes, with enough money to send my (not yet born) kids to private school. Money was created through a collection of choices, including being happy – it’s an energy that generates wealth! Money didn’t make me happy but my choice to embrace wealth in all its forms is creating an enjoyable, ever-expanding life.

What is your definition of wealth? Most people define wealth as financial abundance and happiness.

What I’ve discovered is that true wealth is being able to be true to you in your choices, in the way you generate your life, and in the things that you create.

As you live ‘true to you’ the world starts bringing you new experiences and possibilities for generating and creating wealth.

Not because you deserve it; because the real you is a great big wealth magnet. Your every choice creates new realities in your finances and your life.

Stop wishing, start choosing

How many times have you thought you were choosing wealth, and yet nothing really changed?

There’s a big difference between wishful positive thinking, and knowing beyond doubt that wealth is what you’re having. When you know it in every molecule of your body in every moment of your day, the world must shift to match your choices.

To be wealthy, the first thing you have to give up is not your morning coffee (that’s just settling for less!) You have to give up doubt.

And you have to embrace the courage to get extremely clear on exactly what you are asking for.

When you ask with clarity and confidence, you sustain those energies in every cell of your body.

When you actively move towards anything that feels like what you’re choosing, you must receive what you are asking for. It’s how the universe works.

What most people do is ask, then waver, then dive deep into doubt, then don’t trust themselves to be able to find a way forward, and so their patterns of poverty continue because the actual choice has been to put up with whatever already exists rather than moving outside your comfort zone and saying ‘yes’ to the different adventures that are becoming available.

When you start from nothing, it’s tempting to compromise your choices, as if settling for less will mean you can have something rather than nothing! That is the lie that keeps brilliant, creative people poor.

I became wealthy because I never bought that lie. My unconventional point of view was, “If it exists, I can have it. Now, what else can I choose?”

The three choices that always generate wealth 

  1. Knowing what you most desire – and being willing to trust yourself 100% that you will have it. You’ll have to kill off that noisy, nosy little doubt monster and replace it with a powered-up wealth magnet.
  1. Always move towards the energy of the wealth you are asking for. Follow your instincts. Generating and creating wealth isn’t a logical, linear process. It’s about recognising what can move you forward and choosing that without doubt or regret.
  1. Educate yourself on what will create greater in your world. You have to be willing to do what you haven’t done and be what you haven’t been. If you think this is hard, know that being poor is harder.

Where can you start?

Start by being enthusiastic about all of the different kinds of wealth you encounter. Asking “Can I have more of this please?” is a request that begins to generate more energies of wealth in your life.

Most of all, know this: you don’t have to be smarter than everyone else to be wealthy, or more perfect than everyone else. You don’t have to prove that you’re worthy of the money or the beauty or the happiness.

You do have to be willing to back yourself over and over and over. You do have to be willing to receive what comes, even if it looks different to what you imagined. You do have to be grateful for the wealth that arrives, so that it can expand and you can enjoy being more of who you are.

About Moira Bramley

Moira Bramley is a wealth coach, savvy investor and certified facilitator for Access Consciousness. She is a facilitator of several Access Consciousness programs, including Wealth Creators Anonymous. An experienced property investor, she is a major shareholder in Castello di Casalborgone near Turin, Italy where she lives. Moira has investments in shares and a start-up lead by her eldest son. She is also creating a cosmetic brand.

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