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How to make your business irresistible online?


If you’re a woman and you’re trying to take your business to the next level, it can be difficult. Now that you’ve won a handful of clients, what do you do next?  Here we’re going to take a look at what some successful women entrepreneurs said helped them to sell more online. Take a look at their advice.

Bring your products to life

It’s no secret that businesses that focus on design are those that tend to have the most success.

Entrepreneur Hazel Arce has cottoned on to the fact that people respond strongly to the images you have of your products on your web page. Her business, the hilariously named Fluff It Marshmallows, has a website which focuses on producing the most delectable photos of marshmallows possible. Arce says that the photography on her website allow her customers to experience her product in a way that her competitor’s customers cannot.

Just look at the growth of companies like Warby Parker, thanks to the effort they have put into making their website appear beautiful.

Focus on the fundamentals

Building a great business isn’t rocket science – it’s about knowing what your customers want. According to Amy Zawacki Squires of Wedding Chicks, women need to focus on business fundamentals: a great product, excellent stock photos, and good shop navigation. Without these, she says, it’s hard to be successful.

Build up your relationships with influencers

Back in 2012, Forbes magazine predicted that social media would become the selling platform of choice for internet companies. Five years later, and that’s essentially become a reality, with practically every major network either developing tools to allow companies to sell their products directly through their social networks.

Now there’s a new problem for small businesses. With social media marketplaces becoming so crowded, it’s getting more and more difficult to reach customers. According to Sandy Pearson of BIC Bands, the solution is to start building links with influencers. She says that she has reached out, on behalf of her business, to dozens of bloggers who write on topics related to her product.

Always get honest feedback

Getting honest feedback out of people is difficult. Even though you’re acting in a business capacity, people can still feel awkward telling you how they really feel about your product. They worry that they are going to hurt your feelings. Jill Giuliano, a woman who runs a baby gift store, says that it’s essential to find people who are willing to give you honest and direct feedback. You want to surround yourself with individuals who give you the truth so that you can improve your business and make more money.

And on the other side of the gender divide, Telsa’s Elon Musk has famously talked about the lengths that he goes to get the truth out of people. He keeps peppering people with questions about his product until they relent and tell him what they really think.

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