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How to make a home office the effective way to start your business


When you start a business, finding a place to run it from can be tough. Commercial space can be expensive to rent or to own. And when you first get started, you’re unlikely to need a lot of space from which to run your business. This leads to a lot of people setting up an office at home, and some even stay there for a good while. If you’re thinking about where to have an office at home, you might consider your loft or basement. It can offer a large space, and a few adjustments could make it the perfect place to work. There are some issues you should consider, though.

Protecting the space

Basements are very useful spaces, but they’re not always set up for spending a lot of time in. They’re often used for storage rather than as liveable spaces. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that your basement is suitable to use as an office. The first thing you might want to do is waterproof your basement. You can have a waterproofing membrane installed in a basement space to protect it from flooding, damp, and other issues caused by water and weather. Your basement might already be fully waterproofed or damp proofed, but it’s worth checking instead of assuming.

Introduce lots of light

Basements aren’t exactly known for being full of light. Some of them might have small ground-level windows, but they usually rely heavily on artificial light. It’s important to get the lighting levels right in your basement office so that you’re not sitting in the dark or suffering under the glare of lights that are too strong. You should think about what colors and strengths of light are going to help you work better. Try to evenly space any lighting you use, and introduce some task lighting to help you focus on your work.

Make it a comfortable office

Any office should be comfortable, whether it’s in an office building or in your basement. If it’s just you working down there, you can decide what’s comfortable. However, make sure you don’t think too comfortably. You do want to get your work done, after all, and while a comfortable armchair might feel good, it could also make you want to take a nap. Think about being comfortable as you’re sat at your desk. Consider the right chair and desk, as well as the temperature of the space.

Creating a welcoming space for visitors

Not everyone will have clients or other visitors come to their office. But if you’re planning on it, you should try to make your office welcoming for anyone who comes to see you. If it’s possible, you should consider having a separate entrance to your basement so that no one has to walk through your home. Make sure you have a comfortable chair to offer visitors, as well as perhaps facilities to offer them a drink or snack.

Your basement could make an excellent office if you kit it out properly. Focus on bringing in light and warmth to make it an adequate place.

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