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Make money in real estate with these 6 simple strategies


This guide outlines 6 smart tactics that will help you make money in real estate more easily.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that there is a lot of money in real estate. Some of the world’s wealthiest individuals made their fortunes from trading property. Most people are reluctant to get into real estate trading because they worry they do not have enough capital to get started.

While it is true that to make money in real estate requires initial investment there are ways of getting into it without breaking the bank. Rather than explaining how to get started this guide will tell you what to do once you are already established.

Strategies to make money in real estate

Popular Locations

One of the easiest ways to make money from real estate is by buying property in a popular location, holding it, and then selling it when the price goes up. You can pick up new condos in Singapore for a reasonable price and then sell them for twice the initial purchase price a few months later. Property in Singapore is highly desirable as it is regarded as Asia’s business gateway.

However, it is also a competitive market meaning as soon as a property is listed it tends to be purchased. If you plan on picking some up then experts advise working with a professional realty firm. Such a firm will be able to conduct extensive searches for you and find a property within your budget. Really, you should work with a realty firm wherever you buy property, not just in Singapore or Asia.

Rental Properties

Do you want to make sizable profits from real estate? If the answer to that is yes then begin leasing your properties out. You can make a fortune from rentals. The good thing about renting a property out is that you get your money back and more and never have to sell your house.

Rental properties to make money in real estate can be a lot of work as far as management is concerned but you can save yourself time by hiring an expert letting agency to look after them for you. Any tenant concerns, queries, or problems will be dealt with by them.

Additionally, if your properties are in the Lake Ozark area, consulting with a specialized Lake Ozark realty firm can provide valuable local insights and market trends. This way, not only is property management taken care of, but you also benefit from the expertise of those who know the area best.

Using Auctions

Sourcing properties is not always easy. While in the introduction to this post, mention was made of the fact it would focus more on how to make money in real estate and not the acquisition of property, auctions do deserve some mention.

Individuals who’re new to property investment can pick up very desirable properties for next to nothing at auction. The only caveat that comes with auction properties is that they are nearly always in states of disrepair.

You will be solely responsible for repairing and improving the condition of the property you buy so factor repairs into your budget. Once repaired you can sell ex-auction houses for a massive profit.

Negotiating Better

When you are buying or selling houses it is always a good idea to negotiate prices. Sometimes you can get fantastic deals by negotiating. A lot of amateurs accept the first price they are given but that is the worst thing you can do to make money in real estate.

Very few people are naturally good at negotiating however; if you are one such individual then you might want to take classes in business conversation and negotiation. Classes of this kind can help you to get what you want in business and save money.

Holding Properties

You do not always have to sell properties after you buy them. Some investors find the easiest way to earn money back on their purchases is to hold onto them. As mentioned earlier in relation to Singapore, buying and holding property and then selling it once its price appreciates can be an effective way of making massive profits.

You should know though that when you buy properties if you are not careful and selective about when you sell them you can end up losing money; markets are unpredictable which is why you need to spend time researching and learning about them.

Market Conditions

In the last part of the previous section, reference was made to the undeniable fact that property markets are highly unpredictable. Unless you take time to learn about market conditions in your state or country then you won’t ever sell at the right time to make money in real estate.

Right now markets might be very good but analysts predict in the near future they will end up plummeting. If you have been holding property now is the best time to sell it because there is no guarantee you will be able to get as much for it in the future as you can at this moment in time.

Motivational Classes

Not everybody is born a professional real estate investor. Most people have to learn how to make money in real estate through years of study and practice. A highly effective way of developing your skills at investing in a short amount of time is by hiring a motivational coach to work with you and help you to identify your flaws.

Identifying flaws and then building on them can make becoming a real estate investor much easier. You may also want to sign up for an expert trader’s masterclass. Masterclasses are not cheap though so find a reliable teacher with their own experience.

Other Investors

Getting to know other investors can make finding out about ongoing developments a lot easier. Many property investors view other investors as their enemies but such an attitude is childish and quite stupid really.

If you view other investors as friends or even assets then you will be able to extract knowledge from them and use them to your advantage to make money in real estate.

Bear in mind that not everybody who invests is going to be able to help you so learn to separate the wheat from the chaff. Build a network of seasoned investors and avoid dealing with individuals in your situation at least at first.

Trusting Instincts

Trust your instincts when you are buying property. If a deal feels wrong to you then it probably is. Bear in mind scams in real estate are quite common. Not everybody offering to sell or buy property has your best interests at heart. You will come across a lot of sharks, rats, and scammers during your time as an investor.


Buying, trading, and renting out properties can be an effective way to make money in real estate for yourself and your future. A lot of people want to get into property investment but never do it out of fear of the supposed high costs associated with it; you can buy your first property for les than you think if you shop around carefully.


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