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Office design interior ideas: How to make your office feel like a home


We all spend far too much time at work, so why not make it feel a bit more like home? Working in a dull, boring office can reduce productivity and make you feel tired or even depressed. Making your office design interior feel more welcoming can boost your mood, lead to greater efficiency and improve the quality of your work. So, whether you manage a large office with plenty of staff, or work in your own small office, why not make it somewhere people want to be when you are designing your office space?

Welcoming and stylish office design interior idea

Let light in

If you run a large office space, it’s an excellent idea to install security screen doors along one wall. These will make sure everyone is safe while letting in as much natural light as possible. You might even have a great view to look out on, cheering everyone up.

Other ways to make either a large or small office design interior lighter are adding plenty of white wall space and a variety of lighting options. You should also keep blinds open, and open windows when you can to let some fresh air in. To test it out, you could use a 3D visualization tool to mock up the effect.

Add plants

Plants are one of the easiest ways to make any room feel more homely, and they work in any space. if you’ve got a large office design interior, add some large plants to corners and open spaces. In a smaller area or even a cubicle, add some small, easy to maintain plants to the desk or hang small baskets from the walls.

Bright art work

White space is great. It makes everyone feel more relaxed and alert and can boost productivity hugely. But, it can get a little boring and certainly isn’t very comforting or homely. Add some bright art work to add some personality and fun to the space.

Open doors

If you employ staff and all work in the same area, keep your doors open. Create a social atmosphere where employees feel comfortable coming to you with their problems or for a chat. Homeliness is as much about the atmosphere as it is the décor, so try your hardest to keep things relaxed but still professional.


A comfortable office design interior helps people to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. So, make sure office chairs are comfortable, desks are at the right height, computers are set up ergonomically and that everyone has a space where they can chill out with a cup of coffee.

Personal touches

Add some photos, paintings and other personal touches to your space. Make your desk somewhere you can relax, with plenty of personal touches that make it unique. You should look at your desk and smile.


Having access to the occasional snack while you work can help to inspire you, boost your energy levels and cheer you up on a long day. Keep an emergency supply of your favorites in a desk drawer.


Comforting style is a very personal thing. So, think about what makes you happy and what helps you to relax, try to bring some of these things into your office design interior to make it a place that you can enjoy.

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