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How to make an office move painless: 5 expert strategies


An office move isn’t something that happens often, but it’s something that occasionally needs to happen for the sake of your company. Let’s face it, moving office is a lot of hard work and although it’s usually a pain, it’s worth it in the end. You might have a lot of junk in your office that needs to be cleaned and decluttered, it could be a logistical nightmare and your new office location might be too far away for some of your employees to commute to.

With all the challenges involved, it’s no wonder that some office moves can go terribly wrong and create a huge problem in the success of a business. Luckily, there are a couple of tips you can follow to make your office moves a lot less painful and far more successful.

However, these days, moving to a new office does not need to be utterly upsetting as business women only need an ample amount of time to think and plan for their relocation to be a success. This can be achieved by hiring expert professional removalists who will put in all their effort to guarantee a safe and effortless relocation.

In light of this, one professional removalist has shared their most important tips on how to achieve a successful relocation. Once clients integrate all of these relocation strategies into their preparation, it will guarantee that this sometimes unpleasant process of transferring to a new space goes excellently smoothly. Below are the five top tips from professional removalists Rouse Hill when moving to a new address.

  1. Create a comprehensive plan schedule for you and your removalists

When hiring moving firms, make sure to secure the earliest available morning schedule for the reason that the moving crew will be fresh, and with that, they will be able to complete the work more swiftly and effectively. If possible, avoid arranging your relocation schedule at the end of the month or during the weekend. This will allow you to save more money and get affordable removalist quotes on a rental vehicle. Moreover, these moving companies are generally busier throughout the week and during the middle of the month, thus, they may be eager to make bargains if the intended schedule of a client’s relocation is early.

  1. Select the best and appropriate materials.

Boxes, packing tapes, and bubble wraps are usually the materials that come to mind when talking about relocation. Selecting the best and appropriate materials for relocation is necessary because the safety of your belongings should be one of your top concerns. Take fragile materials, for instance – glasses, mirrors, tableware, bottles, and pieces of art can be destroyed when moved with no caution. Since no one wishes to harm and damage their belongings, it is essential to thoroughly cover them with bubble wrap and place them inside study crates or boxes; this will ensure the safety of your things while in transport.

  1. Start with non-essentials.

When moving to a new address, it is important to know how to pack things prudently and not just box them up with little to no care. The best thing to do is prioritize packing the items used less frequently, such as room accessories and decorations. This is to ensure that those highly fragile items are already ready for transfer and are placed in a secure place before the moving day. Next is to put away all the items that are regularly used. Belongings that are well organized in boxes will allow clients to save time packing and unpacking.

  1. Be mindful of the weight of the boxes.

Overly weighty packing boxes should be avoided. They will not only be a burden for removal companies on relocation day, but they will also make it challenging for them to move around when packing. To avoid this, it is advised to follow a 30-pound weight limit for each box. Another tip is to pack heavy items such as books in smaller boxes as this will prevent overloading. You can ask your staff to assist in the packing of items to speed up the process and ensure that no essential objects are left during the moving process.

  1. Prepare your furniture ahead of schedule.

When preparing for a move, one thing that should be put in mind is the importance of preparing the pieces of furniture that are included in the relocation ahead of time. Paper files and important documents that were originally organized inside cabinets and drawers, if feasible, should be neatly placed in boxes. This will help save time and pave the way for a swift move for both your man with a van providers and clients. To ensure that drawers and shelves are closed well, you can put tape on their covers and doors. This is to avoid any part of the furniture from falling and prevent the covers from removing. Even with fragile objects such as vases, sculptures and glass ornaments, these must be arranged well inside boxes. It is only necessary to place at least one or two pieces of large fragile items in a box to make sure nothing breaks while on transport.


 Moving to a new business establishment can physically and mentally take a toll on anyone. Thus, it is important to incorporate strategies to make the relocation less arduous. The above-given tips were curated by 2 men and a truck provider based in Rouse Hill, Sydney. By following these tips, a relocation endeavor for clients will surely be of great success, especially for women who are inclined to business.

The more time is allotted for the preparation of the items, the more time is given for yourself and other important matters, especially for business moms who have to look after their children. This also goes for businesswomen who have other affairs to attend to. Also, you do not have to handle the entire packing process all by yourself. You may instruct your workmates on everything that needs to be done and divide the tasks accordingly. In this way, you are able to oversee the whole procedure and less stress is felt by everyone in the workplace. As long as everyone does their part, everything will flow smoothly and all that’s left to anticipate is the scheduled day of the moving.

By using Upmove’s platform, moving can be certainly stress-free. Clients can receive accurately quoted prices from cheap removalists who offer exemplary services, which in Upmove are 75% cheaper than other usual moving rates. They do not have to worry about how to hire a mover near them as companies will do so themselves for the clients who have posted their listings. All they have to do is be detailed when posting the information about their relocation; the Upmove platform will then do its wonders.

In summary

Unless you want to close your business for a couple of days while you move, you need to plan for continuity. This includes a plan to help you continue normal business operations despite being in the process of a move. Since your employees likely won’t be part of the move itself, they can simply work from home or at the new office with portable devices like a laptop or tablet instead of their computers. However, this requires a bit of planning and you’ll need to coordinate this with your staff.

Once the move is finished, double-check your inventory and make sure you have everything from your old office. Hold a meeting once the move is completely finished and try your hardest to resume operations as quickly as possible.

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