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How to make an office move painless


Office relocation isn’t something that happens often, but it’s something that occasionally needs to happen for the sake of your company. Let’s face it, moving office is a lot of hard work and although it’s usually a pain, it’s worth it in the end. You might have a lot of junk in your office that needs to be cleaned and decluttered, it could be a logistical nightmare and your new office location might be too far away for some of your employees to commute to.

With all the challenges involved, it’s no wonder that some office moves can go terribly wrong and create a huge problem in the success of a business. Luckily, there are a couple of tips you can follow to make your office moves a lot less painful and far more successful.


What is your reason?

Without a solid reason for your move, you’re going to find it hard to convince your employees to stay on board or increase their commute times for the sake of staying with your company. This is why it’s important to establish a solid reason before you actually decide to move. It could be for the sake of getting a better location, it could be so you get more space, or perhaps it’s because there are better local businesses in the new area that can support your one.

Keep an inventory

A business will no doubt have a lot of items that need to be moved along with the company. This can include computers, archives, things in the storage room, other large pieces of equipment, chairs and so on, It’s important to create a list of items that you need to move. Ideally, you’ll want to sort these into a priority so that you can move the important or bulky items first before the smaller ones.

Plan for continuity

Unless you want to close your business for a couple of days while you move, you need to plan for continuity. This includes a plan to help you continue normal business operations despite being in the process of a move. Since your employees likely won’t be part of the move itself, they can simply work from home or at the new office with portable devices like a laptop or tablet instead of their computers. However, this requires a bit of planning and you’ll need to coordinate this with your staff.

Keep communication open

Whether it’s contacting a reliable office removalist or updating your staff on when the move is finished, you need to keep communications open. It’s important to engage specialist office removalists since they’re going to be the ones moving most of your items. Speak with them about their schedule, when they plan to have the work finished, and so on.

Ensure everything is in order

Once the move is finished, double-check your inventory and make sure you have everything from your old office. Hold a meeting once the move is completely finished and try your hardest to resume operations as quickly as possible.

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