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What makes a holiday or conference in Sydney so worthwhile?


Travelling from London to Sydney? Trust me, this city is very unlikely to let you down.Think weekends spent by the beach sipping a [insert cocktail of choice here], shopping or simply admiring the views of the city at a restaurant or café. When most people think of Australia, they think of Sydney and its two most widely-recognised tourist attractions – the Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House. But there are so many other reasons to visit.

When the sun goes down, things really heat up

You will never be short of inspiration for places to spend your evenings. Harbour, Kings Cross, Oxford Street and the Rocks are just a few of the ‘hip and happening’ hangouts in the city.

For something a little more low-key, delightful restaurants and chillout bars are in plentiful supply too. Dine by the harbor, tuck in to a traditional Australian BBQ lunch or admire the views from a cool rooftop terrace – whatever you fancy, Sydney has it.

Our winter is their summer

When it comes to Australian versus European weather, opposites really do attract. While you’re snuggling by a fire in your wooly jumper at Christmas, Australians are lighting a BBQ on the beach. The warmest weather is generally experienced in the north-west, and the coldest in the Snowy Mountains All in all, there are no complaints about the weather in Sydney.

Thriving arts & culture scene

As a city with strong Aboriginal and European routes, it’s no surprise that Sydney is home to a vast collection of galleries, theatres and museums. From the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Sydney Opera House, to contemporary arts scene of Waterloo and Paddington and Newtown’s cute boutique cinemas.

Public transport is always on time

Not to speak ill of the impressive public transport network in the UK, particularly in London, but if there’s one thing that makes the travelling around Sydnney so much fun, is that the transport actually shows up.

So if you’re looking to get away from the rain-clad days of the UK, make sure you get the best deals on flights from London to Sydney.

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