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Making the most of an office garden in the winter


Just because it’s colder in winter and you might be spending less time in the office’s garden or outdoor space, doesn’t mean you can’t take care of it. Having an outdoor space can be great to host functions and parties, have staff team-build at BBQs and just let them enjoy a bit of greenery and fresh air during their breaks. You want your surroundings to look nice. Here are some tips to transform your office garden in the winter.

Redesign your layout

If you’re planning on re-designing your garden, you’ll want to think about the layout of everything. Perhaps you want to install a water feature or have a decking area fitted. Or maybe you just want to dig up part of the garden to plant more flowers. Whatever you decide, having a plan and budget is important. Garden furniture can be particularly pricey so factor this in when deciding on the outdoor decor.

Get some help in

You may have the skills available to do all the work yourself which is great, but if you find yourself a little inexperienced, you can always get some hired help or ask around to see if any friends have got the green fingers. When doing a big job and digging out your garden, you might want to consider a vacuum excavator for hire. It will save on extra labor costs and will be much easier and quicker.

Shop around for supplies

For things like outdoor furniture, natural stones and pebbles etc, you might want to do a little shopping around before you buy because you could probably find it cheaper elsewhere. Ask around friends and family to see if they have anything spare lying around. Usually, with gravel or soil materials, they come in big bags, and there are often leftovers.

Recycle and reuse

Where possible, reuse your already existing furniture by repainting them or transforming it into something else for a different use. You can paint this furniture in waterproof paint so that you don’t need to worry about it getting damaged at any point during the year.

There’s plenty of DIY inspiration online so get searching for new ideas.

Mix it up between textures

A mixture of textures in the garden can make it look more interesting. A suggestion may be to have some wooden decking, and it surround it with pebbles or stones.

Having different textures can also give the space the illusion of size. Trying using different angles too as this can help with shaping out space.

Don’t be afraid of color

Color can really affect your mood so that when you walk into your garden, you’ll feel happy and want to be in the outdoor space. So don’t shy away from vivid colours. With flowers and plants, you don’t have to stick a theme which is great. Paint any furniture in a bold colour to liven things up. Your garden should be enjoyed all year round.

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