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Many mountains to climb: The modern female entrepreneur’s challenges


Running a business in the modern world is a tumultuous task, add into the mix running a business and being a woman, it seems that you’ve got another mountain to climb. While it’s quite an antiquated notion, some businesswomen still find themselves struggling in the sea of men. You can find it a difficulty to be a productive leader when you’ve got other, irrelevant factors weighing you down. And while there are still persistent business problems you will face, and will continue to face until the cows come home, how can a businesswoman get ahead in this day and age?

Keeping up with the market

It’s nothing new, and keeping up with the market trends is something that you can accomplish by being an influence on your field. Unfortunately, depending on the industry, you’re still facing a mountain of challenges. People might not take you seriously, or people might view your business as too small to compete in a large pond. Whatever your challenges, you’ve got to keep up with the market in as many different ways as you can. This means the age-old quality: research. Startups continually face market problems, it’s not just with regards to putting forth the proper business image, it’s about those annoying little tasks. Chasing clients for payment when you aren’t being taken seriously is one of those really annoying things that we can all do without. There are resources at your disposal, a site such as is one of those modern resources dealing with what is called invoice factoring. Keeping up with the market isn’t just about how you present your business, it’s about keeping ahead with regards to those puny little tasks that take up so much time.

Facing the constant barrage of stereotypes

Being a strong businesswoman is something that is met with some trepidation. You’re either considered a ball breaker, or you are too pushy. It seems that it’s never the correct thing, whatever you do! Facing these constant barrage of stereotypes is another wall put that between you and success. Whether you are viewed too strong, too weak, or to emotional, it’s always used to your detriment. You can either do what you can to surround yourself with positive reinforcement, or you can show them all! Either way, tackling these tasks is something that should have been relegated to the last century. It’s an ongoing battle, but you’ve got to keep fighting it.

Being underestimated

Whether you are a businesswoman or a struggling business, sometimes you get underestimated in your field. But the one thing you shouldn’t underestimate is your ability. But as long as you know your options, and you surround yourself with a task force that can accomplish your vision, then there is no need to be concerned. Business growth is something that is prepared best with a pre-plan. There’s a handy article on that highlights the key drivers of business growth, and if you are just starting out, then it’s advisable to hit these touchstones, just to give you that additional piece of mind. Why you may consider being underestimated because you’re a woman, this isn’t exclusive to our sex, every budding entrepreneur faces a barrage of criticism. We all get underestimated from time to time, and this is why you need to develop appropriate resources.

Putting forward that strong business image

You could argue that you don’t need to put forward a strong business image. You might use this as a key example of how far in the past the battle of the sexes really is. However, it’s a fundamental tenet of business that you have an appropriate business image, after all, everything has a brand. Considering how you put forward your business image, and in conjunction with this, your entrepreneurial edge is vital to how your business is going to achieve success. However, it’s a mistake to believe that, as an entrepreneur, you just need to be strong, this is not how long businesses shouldn’t work. The best companies in the world right now are pushing for a holistic approach to doing business. This means covering all the appropriate emotional aspects. Employees don’t want to work for someone they are scared of any more, and as much as it was effective in the past to get people to work, we demand an all-round entrepreneur who knows how to handle customers, clients, and employees alike. Look at your role models and see what it is that inspired you to go down this route in the first place.

Business is about skills and attitudes

As an entrepreneur, you are the driving force behind your business. To grow your business, you need to look at your own skills and attitudes and what you can bring to the table. Sometimes, it’s the entrepreneur themselves that is holding their business back. If you are suffering from that feeling that you are just stuck in second gear, what is it that’s really holding you back? Think about how you are developing as an entrepreneur. It’s going to be a very frustrating period of time when you’re growing your business, and you are fighting against these perceived injustices about how you are treated because of who you are. This is why those age-old pillars of growing a business are still so important. Communication, trust, and an ability to bring about change are proponents of pushing your business forward.

A female entrepreneur has many mountains to climb, and we would argue that it shouldn’t be those age-old challenges anymore. But, in light of how recent scandals have shown just how little women are appreciated in certain industries, there’s still a battle to fight. Female entrepreneurs still face these wars on a constant basis, but in preparing for these battles, it’s important that you do what you can to bring about change. Changing antiquated attitudes is something that takes a long time to do, but in the modern world, it shouldn’t be this much of a fight. However, it’s time, for female entrepreneurs everywhere, to begin.


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