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5 ways to market a woman owned business


Woman owned business companies make up nearly 13 million businesses in the United States. With over double that amount owned by men, women owners need to use innovative tools at their disposal to beat out their competition and promote their products.

Marketing has never been as important as it is today. A poor marketing strategy can spell disaster for businesses, while an effective one can be the right recipe for growth and success.

5 ways to market a woman owned business

There are five distinct ways a company can market, and those five ways are highly influential in the hands of a women owned business leader. The foremost way of marketing is by utilizing social media. Then promotional items, messaging events, partnerships, and data-based adverts.

Social Media

Arguably, the most effective strategy for marketing is social media. This is because social media platforms can allow you to tailor your content to be seen by people who are interested in the same content or product. This does not mean media like Facebook or Twitter, but instead utilizing platforms like TitTok, YouTube, or Reddit to spark interest and demand in your product. Facebook and Twitter do not get the job done quite like videos and testimonials. Social media lends itself particularly well to women-owned companies, because network outreach is good at naturally promoting good businesses.

Promotional Items

There is a long list as to why you want to consider promotional items as a marketing strategy for a woman owned business, but the most obvious of those is the walking-promotions. Giving your clientele a lasting promotional item is one way to ensure that your business is getting exposure, especially if the item is something used consistently outside their home. Sites like were created specifically to fulfil this need of promotional items. Further, this strategy lends itself to women-owners, because owners are usually good at identifying the needs of their clientele and thus, they can identify the best promotional items for their clientele as well.

Messaging Events

Your business was created to fulfill a specific purpose in the world—letting the world know that purpose, is very influential to your marketing. Exposing your brand and your business ethics goes a long way to gaining and retaining new clientele. Creating messaging events (perhaps broadcasted via your social media) generate booms in product demand. This is because we all, as people, love a good story—and putting a cause to that story, ensures revenue. Women are inspiring creatures, and so too should your messaging event inspire, from emotional testimonials to employee stories. Your event should leave people thinking about your brand after they leave.


Knowing people is how we get ahead in life; we all know that. And the best way to market to your clientele, is to know who else they adore besides you. Like-minded people tend to be interested in similar things, so gaining a brand partnership with a business that shares an audience is important to good market strategies. Similar to brand placements in Super Bowl ads, even small contracts with partners can go a very long way to expanding your clientele. This option lends itself well to women-owners because other women are always welcoming to their sister-owners. This elite group of owners got to where they are based off of belief in their brands and help from each other—continuing those partnerships is essential to growth and development for both businesses involved.

Data-Based Adverts

When we think of data-based ads, we commonly think about companies like Amazon—whom seem to always know what we want to see, when we mention it. (No, I don’t want a kite?!) But that data is also used by other companies too, from Google to Bing. In fact, it has become an invaluable piece of marketing for businesses, because it connects potential customers with your product. You can take it a step further even and use information from Google to direct and coax your would-be-clientele to your website. Many successful businesses use this technique for marketing, and knowledge of that data should impact your current and future approaches to your marketing strategies.

Women and Marketing

Women are built to lead. They are innovative and unique, and their businesses reflect both necessity and character. Their choices in marketing is especially important, because it needs to remain consistent with their company ethics, methods, and ideals. These five marketing strategies are particularly successful with regard to women because they leave so much room for customization and character in messages. Women-owned companies are consistently under scrutiny from their men-owned counter parts, and the way they can surpass that scrutiny is by building their marketing strategies in a dependable and impactful manner.

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