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Marketing degree unlocked: What next?


You’ve got your marketing degree — maybe even a master’s degree — but now you have to decide what to do next. The logical next step is to look for a job in marketing, of course. However, there are many roles within the field of marketing to consider. And, on top of that, marketing isn’t the only thing you could do. You also have skills that are useful in sales and other business areas. Consider some of these roles for your next move.

Sales representative/manager

Marketing and sales are closely related. People working in sales tend to get a little closer to the customer than many people in marketing do. It’s their job to close the deal, and not just bring in leads. If you like the sound of that, maybe working in sales could be right for you.

PR Specialist

Public relations are an important part of marketing. It helps to promote a brand through contact with the media and the public. People working in PR get to act as a spokesperson for a company, which gives them a lot of responsibility. However, it can also make you feel as if you have a lot of power.

Business intelligence analyst

If you love all the parts of marketing that relate to data, you might enjoy being a business intelligence analyst. You get to take a close look at data from various sources to identify trends.

Marketing executive

Of course, working in a marketing department is going to be the number one choice of people with a marketing degree. Marketing execs can make good money, and they get to use both analytical and creative skills.

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