Marketing tactics designed to get new customers


This guide outlines the marketing tactics and steps you need to follow when you want to grow your client base.

It’s easy enough to get a business up and running. But getting your business noticed? That’s a different challenge. In this day and age, there’s more competition for customers than ever before, and if you’re to have any hope of reaching customers, then you’ll need to invest in your digital marketing tactics and strategy.

This area of business has developed significantly in recent years. It used to be that a few keywords and a well-placed ad would be enough to draw customers to your brand. But not these days, when digital marketing is highly advanced and competitive.

Marketing tactics to get customers

If you’re looking for ways to improve your digital marketing tactics and get more people interested in your business, then check out the tips we outline below. If you incorporate all the marketing tactics into your strategy, then it won’t be long before you notice results.

Understand Who You’re Trying to Reach

It’s highly unlikely that you’re trying to reach everyone with your marketing. Only a few brands in the world try to be all things to all people. Understanding your target audience can go a long way towards helping you to select the right words, images, and overall tone of your marketing tactics materials, as well as the right social media channels.

If you don’t know who you’re trying to reach, read up on buyer personas. They should give you a clear idea of the general demographic you’re talking to, as well as the type of content that they respond to. Done correctly, your buyer personas can offer a detailed blueprint of what your digital marketing strategy should encompass. 

Invest in Video Marketing

It’s odd that more brands aren’t investing in video marketing tactics. After all, the statistics surrounding videos are pretty compelling. Did you know that 80% of internet traffic is due to video streaming? What that means is: internet users are watching a lot of videos. So why not give the people what they want?

Creating a good video for your audience does take more time than, say, creating a blog post, but they do offer a good ROI. 

There are various types of video content that you can utilize. You can do a classic introduction to your brand, provide testimonials from your customers, or offer detailed how-to guides that provide insight into how your customers can use/make the most of your products or services. 

Long-Form Content

There’s no single type of content that people want to see. Some people enjoy infographics. Some people get the information they need from a short Instagram video. Others prefer to take a deep dive into a subject.

Long-form content is an often underserved aspect of digital marketing tactics, but it can be highly effective. For one thing, it can be highly beneficial for SEO purposes, since long-form content usually ticks all the boxes that Google looks for. Plus, it can help to establish your authority, which is another excellent way to develop customer trust in your business. 

Work With Specialists

A common complaint that many business owners have about marketing is that it’s too complex and that they don’t have the time required to learn the ins and outs of the craft. And that’s especially true for companies that don’t have their own in-house marketing team.

You’ll have plenty of business tasks to take care of, and, as a result, you may resort to simple — and largely ineffective — marketing tactics. 

Yet it’s worth remembering that you don’t necessarily need to handle your marketing campaigns all on your own. If you find that time and lack of understanding are holding you back, look at hiring a digital marketing company to handle part or all of your marketing. 

Analyze the Data

It’s not enough to just set a marketing strategy in motion. In fact, that’s just the starting point. Whichever method of digital marketing tactics you choose, it’ll produce plenty of insightful data which you can then use to tweak existing campaigns and guide your decision-making for future campaigns.

It can be highly useful to know which of your strategies worked and which didn’t. If you’re getting high levels of engagement from some content forms, then you’ll know that it’s that type of content that you should be prioritizing. 

Listen to the Experts

As we said earlier, digital marketing is much more advanced and complex than it was, say, ten years ago. And most business owners — indeed, even some marketing professionals — don’t have the capacity to keep up with all the changes that are happening, not to mention all the changes that’ll come in the coming years.

If you’re going to have effective digital marketing tactics, then it can pay to know about the marketing shifts ahead of time, rather than having to catch up later down the line. 

You can enhance your marketing strategy by paying attention to what marketing experts have to say about their industry. You can read marketing blogs, attend marketing conferences, and listen to marketing podcasts, to name just three places where experts routinely share their insights.

Make a habit of keeping up to date with the marketing world, and you’ll never be left behind. Indeed, you may give yourself a noticeable edge over your competitors. 

Improve Your Social Media Game

There’s no denying that social media is an excellent marketing tactics asset. After all, if you want to reach people, then it can pay to put your message where the people are hanging out. And, more than ever, they’re spending time on social media. Of course, it’s not enough to simply have a business profile and hope that people follow you.

Social media users aren’t going to follow or engage with your account if you’re posting boring old business content. They will engage with funny, informative, and interesting content. If you’re getting low engagement on your social media pages, then it could be time to think outside the box. You can be more playful on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram than you could be on your website, so be playful!

Pay Attention to Existing Customers

If there’s one thing that far too many companies are guilty of, it’s paying attention exclusively to new customers, and totally ignoring their existing customers. There are many good reasons to devote more of your digital marketing to your existing customers, the main reason being that you already know that they’re interested in your brand.

Studies have shown that it can be much more cost-effective to market to your existing customers, indeed, it can cost as much as a third of the price of trying to bring a new customer on board. 

Use Testimonials and Reviews

You can tell the world all about how great your products and services are. But there’s an upper limit to how much people will believe you, especially if you’re a relatively young company. This is where testimonials and reviews can come into help for marketing tactics.

People are much more likely to take action if they see that real people have nothing but good things to say about your brand. If you don’t yet have any (or many) reviews, then consider soliciting feedback from your customers. Once you have some reviews you can use, be sure to put them front and center on your website, social media, and other marketing materials. 

Take a Stand

You’ll have noticed that people are more engaged with social and political issues these days. Indeed, in one study, it was found that people are much more likely to give their money to brands that show that they have an interest in the wider world.

Could you take a stand with your business? You shouldn’t do this just for marketing tactics purposes (it should be genuine), but it will have a positive impact. 


Influence With Influencers

Brands have been somewhat hesitant to use influencers to promote their goods and services as marketing tactics. However, if you use them correctly, then they can certainly have a positive impact. The key is to find an influencer that has a large and engaged followers list that will be interested in whatever it is that you have to offer. 

Get Creative 

Finally, one of the best ways to give your marketing tactics a nudge in the right direction is to get creative and try new things. If there’s one thing that many companies are guilty of, it’s playing things too safe. If you take the safe approach, then you can’t be all that surprised if your marketing isn’t getting much attention.

As we said earlier, it’s a crowded marketplace, and getting your voice heard is difficult. If you’re looking to step up your marketing, then gather your most creative employees and workshop some ideas. You might just come up with an approach that gets you more attention than ever before. 


There’s a reason why so many companies are dedicating increasing amounts of their budgets to marketing tactics. In this day and age, it’s simply essential. You will see results if you work on putting together advanced digital marketing campaigns, but they won’t just happen.

So get to work, and make 2023 the year when your digital marketing campaigns really take off. 


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